Thursday, June 17, 2010

Revingtion forced to ring changes

A number of players have a chance to stake their claim for a midfield berth as Paul Revington named six changes to his Ireland squad for the Celtic Cup from 2009’s World Cup qualifiers.

All were enforced swaps with four of them coming in the middle of the park with Glenanne pair Stephen Butler and Graham Shaw (retirement) and Cork C of I duo David Hobbs and John Jermyn taking a summer sabbatical.

With Tim Lewis – a potential makeweight - also out injured, there is plenty of scope for a list of hopefuls to step up.

Geoff McCabe and David Ames are the two recognised midfielders from the WCQ panel while Paul Gleghorne is an option, too.

Pembroke’s Andy McConnell and Alan Giles return to tournament hockey after stints in the Champion’s Challenge and the Europeans, respectively, with 77-capped Phelie Maguire more likely to be used in the forward line.

David Harte’s injury gives Iain Walker a rare chance as the number one choice goalkeeper while David Fitzgerald could make his international debut. Peter Caruth also returns

The back four and front line retain more settled look for the tournament in Le Touquet next week, getting underway on June 25 against Wales before facing Scotland on the Saturday and concluding against France on Sunday, June 27.

Ireland are reigning champions despite using an experimental side last time around. Ames, Johnny Jackson, Fitzgerald, Walker, Giles, Peter Caruth and Chris Cargo are the ones with winner’s medals to add to their haul.

Speaking ahead of the trip, Paul Revington is pleased to be back in action after a lengthy break:

“We’re excited to be back together again and in international action.The team has a few changes to the one which last played in Argentina, changes as a result of retirements, current injuries and strategic rest.

"The pleasing aspect is that the depth of the squad allows us to send a highly motivated and skilled group of players to this event despite the various selection changes”

Ireland (club/caps):
Iain Walker (YMCA; 20) GK; David Fitzgerald (Monkstown; 0) GK; Ronan Gormley (Pembroke W; 97) Captain; John Jackson (Loughborough; 42); Joe Brennan (Glenanne; 33); Conor Harte (Pembroke W; 40); Paul Gleghorne (Loughborough; 11); Geoff McCabe (Dragons; 62); David Ames (Cookstown; 14); Andy McConnell (Pembroke W; 13);Alan Giles (Pembroke W; 7); Chris Cargo (Reading; 5); Eugene Magee (Dragons; 103); Timmy Cockram (Lisnagarvey; 95); Mitch Darling (Leuven; 41); Alan Sothern (Pembroke W; 37); Peter Caruth (Annadale; 16); Phelie Maguire (Leuven; 77)

Reserves: Billy Lynch; Adam Pritchard; Bruce McCandless; Gareth Watkins; Peter Blakeney; Jason Lynch; Gary Shaw
Unavailable: David Harte; Michael Watt; Tim Lewis; John Jermyn; Michael Maguire; David Hobbs


Edward Nigma said...

Anyone want to comment?

Mr Mysterious said...

Ah E. Nigma, how's tricks??
Enjoying the summer break?

Findo - just wondering if you've heard anything concrete, or even more like wet cement, about league restructuring from the Branch??


Mr. M.

Stephen Findlater said...

From my understanding, Men's division one and two will stay as they are for the upcoming year. A couple of proposals were put forward for discussion at the recent Leinster Branch meeting but things will stay as is for the moment.

If you have any formal proposal or idea, the next Branch meeting is before the start of the 2010/11 season and is the next forum to raise the issue if you feel you have a worthwhile, formal proposal.

Mr. Dublin said...

I think that both the mens and the ladies should be run off the same principle.

In the ladies div 2 , 2nd teams can play in the division but cant get promoted to div 1. The highest place 1st team would be giving the opportunity to play off to get into div 1 whether they came 1st or 10th.

This has brought the ladies side on and made it more competitive.

I think that there would be a need to get the top 3 from div 2 to stay in the division along with the top 5-7 from div 3. There has being a few discussions on whether a div 2 team would match a div 3 side so why not try it and let the div 2 teams step up to the mark The teams that are left from div 2 and 3 then get re-structured down the leagues into the new div 3 and so on


Mr Mysterious said...

Mr. Dublin,

I was speaking to a Div 2 player recently and he mentioned talk of a reshuffle with the top halves of Div 2 & 3 becoming a new Div 2 and the bottom halves of each league becoming the new Div 3. That was the reason I queried it with Stephen.

I agree with just the non-2nd sides being the only ones allowed to go up to Div 1 but I definitely think it would be beneficial to have a different structure to the one currently in place.

The current men's Div 2 resembles the Scottish Premier League, playing each other 3 times and is a bit of a joke but only in terms of set-up, I'm not talking about standard of play.
Fleshing out the league by promoting a few struggling smaller clubs back up to Div 2 is not the answer to the problem either though.

I believe that creating a new structure and having what might be perceived as the smaller clubs in Leinster playing against teams with Div 1 squad players & ex-Div 1 experienced players on a regular basis can only benefit these clubs. Particularly the ones who do get promoted to Div 1.

The current gulf in standards between Div 1 & 2 usually means the promoted side are on a hiding to nothing when they go up.
It's just a vicious circle and needs to be stopped as it's not beneficial to anyone.


Mr. M.

Jessie said...

Totally irrelevant to the above and the article, has anyone heard about a restructuring of the U-21 and Senior Interpro's? Something about extending women's U-21 to U-23. Any wisdom Findo? Or is this complete hearsay?

Stephen Findlater said...

Jessie, have not heard anything about that at all. For the Junior Celtic Cup, Ireland A is competing as an U-21 team but beyond that I don't know of any changes. If anyone knows anything more, drop me an email at