Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jermyn double fires Ireland to Euro glory

Ireland 2 (John Jermyn 2) Russia 1 (Alexandre Plantonov)
John Jermyn’s double completed a fairytale ending to an incredibly successful international summer which yielded three trophies as Ireland came from behind to beat Russia and take the EuroHockey Nation’s Trophy title in Wrexham.

No doubt this was the biggest of the three titles – the others being the Glyndwr and Celtic Cups – and went some way to ease the pain of a last-gasp defeat in the Champion’s Challenge II final to Poland last month.

They did it the hard way, falling behind early on but from that point on, Ireland were the dominant force and produced some of their best hockey since Paul Revington took over in January.

Pre-match, a notable change in the Irish psyche took place during the anthems. A more steely resolve was evident rather than the puffed out chests of Thursday’s semi-final win over Wales.

It’s relevance was not immediately apparent as the sides played out the most subdued seven minutes of hockey of the tournament.

The eighth minute, though, produced Russia’s goal as skipper Alexandre Plantonov waltzed through unchallenged to fire in a reverse-stick effort from a narrow angle.

Ireland’s response, however, was wonderfully composed. Initially, a half-court press drew a series of good chances; Stephen Butler and Timmy Cockram’s two-on-two was snuffed out while Mitch Darling skimmed a post and Geoff McCabe hit the side-netting in a flurry of attacks.

Alan Sothern went even closer with his connection to Eugene Magee’s flashing reverse-stick cross but Roman Rogov picked off an incredible save inches from the goal line.

Half-court turned more aggressive and Ireland camped in Russian territory. Four penalty corner chances went unrewarded.

The fifth, however, saw Jermyn return to scoring form with a bullet to the bottom right corner two minutes before the break.

It was perfect revenge for the Cork man whose 100th cap was ruined by the Russians in the group game last Tuesday, beating the Irish 2-1.

David Hobbs thought he had the Irish in front 15 minutes into the second period. One of the official nominees for player of the tournament – Alexander Korolev picked up the overall title – Hobbs flew down the left-wing, dinked over Rogov. The ball was redirected in off Dimitry Volkov’s shoulder but was deemed dangerous.

Alexander Cherenekov was sin-binned in the aftermath of that incident for an unceremonious hack and Ireland took full advantage.

Using the extra space, Russia were carved open when Eugene Magee rolled under his arm to skipper Ronan Gormley. His pin-point cross found Jermyn unmarked to pull the ball out of his legs and duly slammed home from the circle’s edge for the go-ahead goal.

Jermyn smacked the post moments later – what would have been his 50th international goal had it gone in – while Sothern also had a reverse brilliantly denied by Rogov once again.

Slender leads inevitably lead to nervy moments a plenty, though, especially when Jermyn was sin-binned for an off-the-ball incident with Cherenekov with Ilya Larikova waded in to also receive his marching orders.

And when Cockram was adjudged to have used a foot rather than his glove to concede a corner with three minutes to go, Ireland were almost made to pay for their profligacy.

Harte saved brilliantly from Alexey Sergeev – the tournament’s top marksman prior to the final enduring his quietest game of the competition – and Magee charged down a follow-up corner to start the celebrations.

Ireland: D Harte, R Gormley (capt), J Jackson, S Butler, J Brennan, J Jermyn, E Magee, G Shaw, T Cockram, A Sothern, T Lewis
Subs: A Giles, D Hobbs, M Darling, G McCabe, C Harte

Russia: R Rogov, E Mokrousov, A Sergeev, A Korolev, A Cherenkov, A Zhirkov, D Volkov, S Kostarev, T Nikolaev, Y Loginov, A Platonov
Subs: I Larikova, A Likov, A Mamoskhin, A Godenkov, N Yankun

* For more of Fidopics photos from the Ireland-Russia final, click here


Anonymous said...

Excellent, well done lads, and congratulations to Revs and his assistants.

Anonymous said...

munster man wins it for ireland thats the job don t have to listen to some leinster head ramble on about how great ye think ye are when one of yer players scores !

Anonymous said...

Thats the spirit 11.25 All one team together, no petty jealousies and rivalries. Glad to see that national solidarity is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

In fairness JJ only became a great player when he joined Pembroke a few years back...

Anonymous said...

11.25 pm.
Not sure if you noticed but this is a blog about Leinster hockey.

Titch said...

I do believe it was a team effort - I doubt if one munster man on his own won it for Ireland. I imagine that the rest of the team contributed throughout the tournament as well as in the final!

Anonymous said...

great result, well done lads.Pity its taked so long but the only way is up when your at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

11:25 - group effort from players all around the country.

Be happy for the team.

How many Munster teams in the semi-final spots of the AIL....?

Anonymous said...

"Munster man makes IRISH victory all about them"...Shock Horror.

What's that on your shoulder? Oh, a massive chip!!

Anonymous said...

didn't he spend a season at the mighty Brook? that explains it.

Anonymous said...

Not the way I see it. Ireland won the tournament, not Leinster, Munster, Ulster or Connacht.
How can you say such a thing!

Anonymous said...

Jesus lads can we ever just be happy for the lads on the team. They all wore green like! Get over it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This was an Irish performance. All this crap is uncalled for. JJ did a good job as did all the team, Stephen Butler did it in the semie-final. But the whole squad and management did it for the tournament.
If all the provinces can get over their individual superiority complex's and stop talking down to the rest of Ireland all will be well. Things go in cycles and in not the too distant past Ulster ruled the Island for years and years.
This victory was achieved by IRELAND for Ireland.
Hockey is stuggling top survive in this competative world and I for one will not let my child play a game so ignorant and entrenched in provincial bigitory.
Sorry but this blogs lets down the sport.................

Anonymous said...

"6.57 - This blog lets down the sport..."

I just can't see where you're getting that. Perhaps you're just talking about the comments and not the site itself. Either way, I think you need to take a chill pill, there's a lot of wind-up merchants here and this is really only a bit of banter.

Name me a sport that doesn't have this banter and I'll show you a sport that has lost its passion.

Anonymous said...

So Get Real. Any comments on our senior players taking home the trophy. International is a massive jump and we need our senior players to stay around if Ireland has any chance of reaching a World Cup. Well done Lads.

Anonymous said...

Stephen. I recommend you cull some of the pathetic inter-provincial jibes being posted (to those that post such comments, text each other as I am sure you know who you are). The majority of users of this site are delighted that the IRISH team did the business, irrespective of where they are from.

GET REAL said...

Congratulations to the lads!! Absolutely delighted...

"B" division is a very difficult tournament to win. Wearing the favourites tag is a difficult thing to do especially given the Irish psyche which prefares the underdogs tag!!

That said we need to make a number of improvements if were are to claim the big prize later this year. My observations would be as follows:

1. Defensively we are still a little too nice!! Too many soft goals and we really need to work on giving away PC's too cheaply - better teams will convert those chances and games will go away from us.

2. Midfield - still not dominating games the way the top teams do...not really sure what the answer is here! We don't really have viable alternatives but what we have isn't quite good enough.

3. Forwards - we now look quite dangerous on the counter attack but we need just a little bit more composure in the final 3rd. Mikey Watt will improve the forward line still win at international level you normally need at least 3 goals

4. Discipline - we can't afford to be without 11 players - particularly at key periods in the game.

The boys should enjoy the success because it has been hard earned but hopefully they can make the necessary improvements to make it to the really big stage later this year...

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

Amazing to read such drivel from GET REAL.Under the guise of offering advice he lets his begrudgery take over.It is obvious he is a player who has never made it at International level or domestic level either.
I had the pleasure and honour of supporting the Irish team in Wrexham.Match against Wales was won by outstanding team work and brilliant performance of Stephen Butler,match against Russia was won by outstading team work and brilliant performance by John Jermyn.
GET REAL uses the word "we" a lot in his text.Please dont drag the rest of us into your diatribe.Your refusal to acknowledge the performance of Butler and the rest of the midfield shows how blinded you are.
What a pity and how sad your life must be.

Anonymous said...

Get Real. Were you even at the Europeans in Wales. The Midfield dominated every team in the tournament. Agree with some comments but the midfield comment is way off the mark. Shaw, Jermyn, Hobbs, Butler and McCabe is as good a midfield you can have and capable of competing against any country in the world. Irish supporter actually in Wales.

Anonymous said...

Get Real sure knows about international hockey!

Revs will be delighted with this feedback, maybe it's time you join the coaching staff!

Anonymous said...

To 1.05pm,
I should hope they dominated. We were the highest ranking team. What I think Get Real is asking ( and I have to agree) can they dominate against teams ranked higher. Congrats to the team and coaches.
I am still disappointed that they
failed in promotion to the Champions Challenge 1 where they would be playing against tougher opposition.

Bango said...

To Get Real,

I think you're judgements are reasonably accurate based on the Champ's Challenge but the side has developed since then.

In midfield, there was far less cheap ball given away in this tournament. Belarus did not get a sniff after the first ten minutes, not Italy, Wales or Russia the second time out.

The defence proved more solid in the closing two games with Wales getting a sniff due to a truly bizarre yellow card for Gormley.

Russia rallied late but had no clear-cut opportunities except for a corner awarded despite going nowhere near timmy cockram's foot. umpiring decisions do happen but defensively decent options were being taken. i don't remember any of the misplaced passes out of defence which blighted the CC

Up front, we do need to score more, Watt will help while the quotes from Revs in the other article on here looks like its something which will be improved on.

Good to hear Gormley and Revs saying there is more to come. It may not have been the most polished of tournaments but there is life in this team and a good belief they can step on. The Hartes, Caruth, Darling, Sothern, Jackson, Watt, Magee all have plenty of years to improve while a decent nucleus of 'elder statesman' are still around. good times...

Anonymous said...
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THE BLUE said...
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