Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Irish EHL view in Belgium

The other interested Irish parties to the EHL draw were KHC Leuven's duo Phelie Maguire and Mitch Darling. The Belgian club drew EHL first-timers Beeston from England and France's St Germain in the second set of round one, group games.

Maguire told The Hook the view from Belgium on how the draw panned out for his club:

"Obviously, the mood is confident in that we avoided any of the top Dutch teams. However, we are faced with not one, but two important games as we feel that all three teams are capable of beating each other. Waterloo Ducks seem to have the easier weekend as they have Dynamo Kazan whom they would expect to beat, and then have a nice tie against Polo!

"All the players have yet to arrive, but we are confident with the sigining of Juan Garreta, from Argentina, and Pau Quemada's brother Edu that we have the right balance in the team. Adding in three Belgian players taking part in the A division we could have between eight to ten international players.

"There has been chat about how they did last year, and the players believe we can emulate it this year, so long as you avoid the Dutch teams."


Anonymous said...

looks like phelie and mich have a very good opportunity to go far in this competition expecially with a kind draw like that. my prediction folks yes you heard it here first, leuvan vs glens or pembroke in the second round. hockey being the winner.

Anonymous said...

Were can u find all the draws for the groups?

Stephen Findlater said...

or, if that does not work, on the EHL website -

Anonymous said...

Talking about a lack of loyalty, Phelie could be regarded as a mercenary at this stage.

Anonymous said...

He's living in Belgium. Probably makes sense he should play for a Belgian club then I'd say. He played for TRR last year while in Belgium. I think he showed a good bit of commitment there, andI don't think you can blame him for playng for his college. Helped his development no end.