Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Season: 8th

Record: Won 4 Drew 0 Lost 14 Pts 12 Goals For 27 Goals Against 73

Coach: Stephen Kinsella

Captain: Phil Davies

Players In:
Michael Fry (YMCA)

Players Out: Phil Marshall (Switzerland)

Summary: The loss of player of the year, Phil Marshall, will be keenly felt but may be partially soothed by the arrival of Mikey Fry from YM. A lot will rely on his link up with Cliff Bailey in midfield while the Wicklow side has also managed to hold onto Aussie duo Phil Davies and Brett Hinge. Bray’s success last year came from a happy knack of getting the best of the teams around them and this time out, they will hope to move into the middle area occupied by YM and Corinthian and avoid a relegation scrap. A tough early schedule, though, could see them playing catch-up early on. But Bray lack nothing for team spirit, with five of the team having been through three promotions together, dating back to when they were in Division 5: Johnny Egan, Grattan Evans, Ben Adams, Rob Pearson and Doug Keeley.

First three games: Monkstown (h); Glenanne (a); Fingal (a)

Prediction: 8th

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Anonymous said...

Mike Fry from YM decided that he would be better off in YM and walked out of Bray. Talk about dropping a bombshell. Lets hope that he doesn't decide that YM aren't good enough and head off to Glens or Pembroke!