Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Season: 2nd (Division 2) – Promoted via Playoff

Record: Won 11 Drew 5 Lost 2 Pts 44 Goals For 56 Goals Against 22

Coach: Brian Delaney

Captain: David Storey

Players In: Glenn Holmes (Italy), Neill Young (Italy)

Players Out: Simon Greene

Summary: Bizarrely for a college side, UCD have lost nobody, except the retired Simon Greene, from the side who won the playoff against Railway last year. They welcome back two Erasmus students, Neill Young and Glen Holmes. Indeed, Holmes’ pace and link-up play with Michael O’Connor could see them ruffle a few feathers. The reduced turnover of players, with a few graduates sticking around means the side has more division 1 experience than most promoted sides and they will be boosted by a 3-1 preseason win over Glenanne. They are hopeful of pushing-on this year but an extended tête-à-tête with Bray looks a more likely proposition.

First three games: Glenanne (h); Kilkenny (a); Pembroke (a)

Prediction: 9th


Ben Grogan said...

Hey Steve, great website by the way. A suprisingly un-biased report given the writers own background. Keep up the good work, if you need any info bout the team again or anything let me know!

Neil Young said...

I just thought everybody would appreciate to know that myself and holmesy are planning to get at least 20 goals between us this season!By my reckoning that should put us in contention for the ALL IRELAND LEAGUE.What do the other hockey fanatics out there think?

Anonymous said...

Younger you couldn't hit snow off a rope let alone score 20 goals this season!