Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Season: 7th

Record: Won 5 Drew 3 Lost 10 Pts 44 Goals For 32 Goals Against 56

Coach: Trevor Dagg

Captain: Andy Walker

Players In: None

Players Out: Mikey Fry (Bray), Ross Murray (Corinthians)

Summary: YM look an interesting proposition this season as they definitely have the most potential for the future. Richard Pedreschi, Shane O’Donnell and Geoff Walker have all been added to the squad from the youth section while Irish Development squad member David Robinson is becoming a force in midfield. Ross Murray left with YM’s ‘blessing’ given their embarrassment of riches in goal but Will Powderly’s aborted move to Glenanne will help nurture the youngsters up to division 1 standard. YM, though, are looking more at a three year plan rather than selling their souls for an All-Ireland position. Success this year would be steady improvement on last year and the laying of good foundations.

First three games: TRR (a); Pembroke (a); Corinthian (h)

Prediction: 6th


Simon said...

judging by YMCA's pre season results they must be considered to be a relegation side with loses to Railway 3-1, Pembroke 8-0 and Corinthians 5-2. I believe they'll need to strengthen the side in order for them to have any chance of staying up.

Anonymous said...

it was 5-4 to corinth 3-2 to railway and 7 to pembroke. also 2-0 win against kilkenny 3-1 win against ucd and 3-1 against trinity. a 1-0 loss to banbridge.

Anonymous said...

they lost 5-3 to corinthian 3-2 to railway but also 2-0 win over kilkenny, 3-1 over trinity and 3-1 over ucd. a 1-0 defeat at banbridge

Anonymous said...

Simon i understand why you would make such a judgement. But please, wait and see how YM perform in the games that matter. The fact is that they are undergoing a monumental rebuilding process under the promising coaching and management team of Trevor Dagg,Ger Butler and Stewart Taylor.
YM'S squad will be the youngest on the island this season. But with young players like Dave Robinson, Geoff Walker, Shane O'Donnell and Richie Pedreschi,backed up by Andy Walker, Will Powderly and the ever-influential Mikey Fry (not to mention the freakishly talented Iain Walker in between the sticks), YM will surprise many this season. And with an overflow of precocious talent at underage levels chomping at the bit to make an impression, things are looking bright for a club that prides itself on nurturing homegrown Simon, i believe the score against railway was 3-2, and 5-3 against Corinthians. In both games the average age of the starting 11 was 19.

Anonymous said...

influential Micheal Fry did he not jump ship?! so much for influencing a squad of 19 year olds! They will have to get lucky to get any points from their first 3 games.

Anonymous said...

Will Powderly is leaving to go to oz ain't he? Walker is out for most of the season due to being in the irish set up, and while the kids are great hockey players the rest of the Division is made up of "adults" who will kick seven shades in 50-50 challanges, i think YM will be in the safe this year only because Kilkenny are ill prepared and Bray are just not good!!

Anonymous said...

And for the record, it was 2-1 against UCD!