Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Season: 6th

Record: Won 8 Drew 3 Lost 7 Pts 27 Goals For 44 Goals Against 45

Coach: Ivan Ovington & Miles Warren

Captain: Alan Blennerhassett

Players In: Ross Murray (YMCA)

Players Out: Charlie Henderson (TRR), Nils Timke (Germany)

Summary: Charlie Henderson’s move across Marlay Park precipitated a flurry of rumour and counter-rumour over which goalkeeper was going where. Irish development squad member Ross Murray, from YMCA, is a more than capable replacement though and youngsters Dave Carson and Jack Kirwan have also been added to the first team squad looking at All-Ireland qualification. Preseason results have been mixed, losing to the Glens and Cork C of I while beating Mossley, Weston and Bandon. Too good to be involved at the bottom; yet they need to improve significantly to challenge Fingal, Monkstown and Rovers, two of whom they play in the first two weeks. Their opening three matches will show what end of midtable it will be.

First three games: Fingal (h); Monkstown (a); YMCA (a)

Prediction: 7th


Anonymous said...

7th.....are u having a f*cking laugh!?

Anonymous said...

Id say Corinthians are heading for 7th or 8th, depending on their clashes with Bray

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha 7th or 8th! Seems ur predictions are wrong so far