Thursday, November 22, 2007

About the site...

Two things -

1) The site has just gone beyond 10,000 hits which is pretty cool. It means that a couple of you are reading and so there is a definite reason for the site to exist.

2) Basically, you may notice some comments have been deleted and some now appear with "
This post has been edited slightly from the original " written at the bottom of them. In hindsight, it was a bit naive to give carte blanche.

Planet Field hockey, a predecessor in a way, basically turned into a slagging match before it closed and I'd hate for that to happen here. The basic premise is, no personal attacks and only reasoned out comments. I really hate doing it but for all concerned its for the best. Listen to Leona Lewis to get the full picture...


Anonymous said...

Stephen, I really admire your efforts with this site, it's excellent, but as the Planet Field Hockey fiasco proved Irish hockey is so full of nasty, malicious slime and begrudgers it's inevitable the same creatures will wreck your site too. You're better off blocking all comments now, rather than having to clean up the bile on a daily basis. I notice “the ladies” haven't arrived in force yet, but they will. Don't let it get you down, it's the way Irish hockey is, from top to bottom.

This post has been edited slightly from the original

Anonymous said...


I dont actually know you personally but i believe what your doing is excellent for the game in Leinster. Its also an added incentive to do well on the weekend!