Monday, June 22, 2009

Colvin secures Ukranian draw

Lizzie Colvin (pictured) came off the bench for the second time in two days to score, this time earning Ireland with a levelling goal in today's 1-1 draw with Ukraine in the second group game of the Champions Challenge.

Colvin struck in the 59th minute from a switched penalty corner - Ireland's fourth of the game. It came just two minutes after Ireland had fallen behind as Maryna Vynohradova had given Ukraine the lead when she was left unmarked in the circle following a cheap turnover.

The result means the pair top the group with Ireland marginally ahead on goal difference going into their final group game with Malaysia early on Wednesday morning but will be hoping Eimear Cregan will see some action. She has missed the opening two fixtures due to an ankle injury.

Ukraine had started this fixture the stronger, holding the guts of possession and territory. The influence of Nikki Symmons and Michelle Harvey, though, in midfield led to greater stability after the turnaround as Ireland gained a greater foothold in the game.

Speaking afterwards, Gene Muller said of the match: "It was a very tough match for us. It was a battle, but after going a goal down we stayed in contention to come back and tie the match. Overall, I was very happy with our performance."

His side need just a point to advance to the semi-finals of the competition after Malaysia and Russia drew 2-2. India, meanwhile, are the team to beat in Pool A, with two wins and 13 goals to date.

Ireland team: Emma Gray (GK), Lauren Barr, Emma Clarke, Bridget Cleland, Lisa Jacob, Shirley McCay, Roisin Flinn, Megan Frazer, Emma Smyth, Emma Stewart, Nikki Symmons
Subs: Lizzie Colvin, Niamh Small, Cathy McKean, Alex Speers, Michelle Harvey
Rested: Mary Goode(GK), Eimear Cregan

Final group game: Wednesday, June 24 (10am (7am GMT)) Ireland v Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Not a good result.......pity they started so well

Anonymous said...

Wow.....someone got out the wrong side of bed this morning. Take a pill!!

Bango said...

How can we judge if its a good or bad result? can't seem to find any online streaming of the games (if it exists at all) so all we're relying on is reports here, the IHA and the fih site...

anybody any others to see if we are performing well or not? On paper, us and ukraine would seem pretty evenly matched, especially as the squad is in transition and is quite young.

Anonymous said...

The squad is always in transition it seems, and is likely to get younger all the time.

Good result as we did not loose

Anonymous said...

Correct me if im wrong. We pay our coaches to get our teams better and to improve our rankings. But since we started paying we have slipped backwards not forward....Where have all the other coaches gone who where not paid but got results?

Anonymous said...

World Rankings as follows:

Ireland 15

Ukraine 18

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...yes, good result against Russia, ranked 23rd in world rankings.

Good point made about us seemingly being in constant transition. I think its fair to say that in recent years we've lost enough players to early retirements to fill an entire team ("Early" meaning under 30). I wonder could we put together a "where are they now" team?

Also, are these well paid coaches going to be around when the money dries up?

Stephen Findlater said...

A little bit late but you can get live streaming of the games from - you have to load $10 into an online betting account, however.

Then go to the sports drop-down menu; then go to 'other sports' in the left panel, then hit hockey.

From there you can bring up a small video screen with the live feed.

The final two games of today's programme of matches should be on later today while the weekend sees the German league play-offs whhich could be brilliant (if you're unlucky enough to be stuck indoors).

Anonymous said...

The professional coaches have done a good job. The reason for all the retirements is the increased training that is required now to compete at the top level. The only people who can do this are school players and students, the unemployed and the wealthy. So if you have to work for a living you only have a certain number of paid days off and then it is unpaid. Plus as you get older commitments change, due to jobs, partners etc.
Essentially, we are effectively selecting from an ever younger pool of players thats why so many young players get caps, to see if the coaches think it is worth investing time and money on them.

On the coaches front, it is not quite the same, we have loads of very committed and talented coaches but due to economics they have to work, so their time commitment is less, so they are not really able to apply for national jobs, it is sad but a fact. Who in this climate would take a risk if they have a morgage and a family on working for the IHA as a coach.

Though from what I gather many would work for their clubs and give more commitment if financially compensated for th loss of earnings but clubs seem to be reluctant to hire Irish part time coaches. That is not taking away from the foreign coaches as they have undoubtdly added to and increased the standards.