Monday, June 15, 2009

Irish Masters set for Leinster get-together

The Irish Masters will hold a get-together in Sutton Park School on the weekend of July 11 and 12 with a view to increasing their Leinster player-base from which squads will be selected for both a four-nation's tournament in August and the world championships in October.

Head coach Andy Nye is encouraging all over 40-year-old players to try out for the side ahead of what will be an exciting autumn season for the Masters.

They first travel to England to play the home nations before travelling to Hong Kong two months later for the prestigious world championships.

Nye hopes to build a large panel from which to select from and is ambitious about what can be achieved with an enthusiastic group. The get-together is confirmed for Sunday, June 12 at 12pm while the Saturday time is currently to be finalised. For more information, contact


Anonymous said...

Mens -I take it?

Stephen Findlater said...

Sorry, yes it is a men's team that they are putting together.

Sam Ireland said...

Hi Stephen

There is a ladies tournament running alongside the mens in Hong Kong - age groups in the ladies tournament are +35, +40, +45 and +50. Entries are encouraged from all countries but Ireland have never attempted to field a ladies vets side as far as I am aware. There must be someone out there who would like to take that one on....