Friday, February 26, 2010

Reds' challenges faces Glenanne road-block

If Andrew Cronje’s Corinthian are to win a maiden Irish Senior or Leinster Senior league title, Glenanne are the foe they most need to dispose of in the wake of Pembroke’s faltering campaign.

Their re-fixed league tie will be pivotal on the domestic scene but of more pressing concern is Saturday’s cup tie at St Mark’s.

Both clubs have shown that a counter-attacking style can upset Pembroke’s rhythm but playing such a style against each other is an unlikely option.

The Glens eased past Corinthian prior to Christmas in the league with Graham Shaw in top form while Stephen Butler reverted for the first time back to a sweeper role that has become a regular resting place.

In tandem with Joe Brennan, it leaves a formidable rock to break down for the unique and unpredictable skills of Darren Kimfley, Davy Carson and Lucas Piccioli.

Gary Shaw has emerged as a superb raiding force in recent times and how the rejuvenated Colin Black or Alan Blennerhassett deal with that threat could also be key.

Also in the foothills of the Dublin mountains, two of the tournament’s most famous names go toe-to-toe with spectators hoping Three Rock and Lisnagarvey recreate the incredible 6-5 Irish Club Championships semi-final of 2008.

Mitch Darling’s five was the story of that game but he has since passed on to Belgian pastures. Rovers are now without fellow internationals Phelie Maguire, Charlie Henderson and Peter Blakeney from that team.

Neil Lyons continues to be absent due to work commitments making it a very new look Rovers side with Tom Samuel and Ross Canning leading the new breed.

Cricket international Greg Thompson is the visiting threat to go with Timmy Cockram’s corners. Between the clubs, they have notched up 32 Irish Senior Cup titles and 46 final appearances in total.

Monkstown, in search of their first Irish Senior win since before the first World War, will hope to use Rathdown advantage to full effect against a lively Kilkeel outfit who had been threatening to break the top five hegemony in Ulster prior to a 5-2 loss to North Down.

Shooting sticks were marked absent last Sunday in the Mills’ semi-finals but if the Town can rectify that issue, they are in with a shout of a second semi-final place in three years.
Banbridge play Annadale in the all-Ulster tie at Havelock Park.

In the Leinster league, the northside derby may have come too late for Clontarf to affect their league standing. Fingal, meanwhile, will hope to avoid the play-off spot and need three points from the tie to move back ahead of UCD.

Nothing less than victory for Pembroke across the Dart tracks at Railway Union will be acceptable if they are to keep their outside league chances alive.

On Sunday, YMCA will attempt to add further nuisance value to the top sides when they visit Glenanne.

In division two, Weston and Avoca need three points from their home ties against Trinity and Navan, respectively to take advantage of Suttonians’ mid-week lapse. The Neville Davin Cup gets underway on Sunday.

Men’s Irish Senior Cup Quarter Finals (Saturday):
Banbridge v Annadale, 2.45pm, Havelock Park; Monkstown v Kilkeel, 1.30pm, Rathdown; Three Rock Rovers v Lisnagarvey, 2.30pm, Grange Road; Glenanne v Corinthian, 1pm, Glenanne Park

Leinster Division One (Saturday):
Fingal v Clontarf, 2pm, ALSAA; Railway Union v Pembroke Wanderers, 2.30pm, Park Avenue
Sunday: Glenanne vs YMCA, 1pm, St Mark’s

Men’s Division Two (Saturday):
Weston vs Dublin University, 1.45pm,Griffeen Valley Park; Avoca vs Navan, 1.45pm, Newpark

Neville Davin Cup (Sunday):
Dublin University vs Weston, 1.30pm, Grange Road; Bray vs Suttonians, 4.30pm, Loreto Bray; Navan vs Avoca, 12.30pm, Kings Hospital


Anonymous said...

Banbridge 2-3 Annadale (aet)
Monkstown 3-2 Kilkeel
Glenane 4-1 Corinthains
TRR 3-4 Lisnagarvey

Anonymous said...

Bray v Suttonians is now being played on Sunday 28th March in Sutton Park,

Bray got a postponement beacuse 6 of their players are away this weekend. Fixture was reversed as well.

Anonymous said...

any reason suttonians didnt get a postponement last Tuesday if they were missing players?

Anonymous said...

probaby because they were only missing three players one of which is gonna be gone until next season. Trinity were missing a couple of players as well. What team at this stage of the season doesnt have any injuries???

Anonymous said...

trinity were also missing players on tuesday

Anonymous said...

hah, still trying to come up with excuses for tuesday

Anonymous said...

Would expect a much tighter affair in Tallaght than a win for either side by 3 goals...

Slightly of subject but spotted that the FIH World Cup is starting this weekend...

Anybody wise as to what stations are broadcasting any/all of it???

Stephen Findlater said...

10.22PM - this was passed on to me earlier today:

Zee TV (789 Sky) will show all games live throughout WC.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Findo,

It's is channel 789 but it's called Zing...for those looking for hockey on Zee.



Anonymous said...

As a Glenanne supporter I can't see either side winning by 3 goals, gonna be a very close affair.

Anonymous said...

Glenanne 4 - 2 Corinthians

Anonymous said...

ISC semi draw
Monkstown Annadale
Rovers Glens