Sunday, January 27, 2008

Irish Junior Cup

So, after the weekend's IJC fixtures, the clear-up job has been laid out for the next few rounds following the fall-out from TRR and Clontarf's dismissal. Pembroke's impressive 3-0 win sees them into the quarter-finals. Railway and Monkstown are the other Leinster sides remaining but face exceptionally tough trips to Banbridge and Cookstown respectively.

They could, in time, be joined in the final 8 by Weston and Corinthian.

In the women's competition, Leinster sides make up half of the quarter-final berths with Hermes, Glenanne, Railway and Pembroke still vying for the title.

Men’s Irish Junior Cup -
3rd Round Matches
‘A’ Corinthian II / Bandon II –v- Instonians II
‘B’ Annadale –v- Portadown / Weston

Quarter Finals – To be played February 9th
Banbridge II –v- Railway Union II
Cookstown II –v- Monkstown II

Quarter Finals – To be played February 23rd
Winner ‘A’ –v- Pembroke Wanderers II
Armagh –v- Winner ‘B’

Men’s Third Round Irish Junior Cup: Banbridge II 4-1 Campbellians; Galway 2-2 (Extra time)Railway Union II (3-5 on strokes); Cookstown II 5-2 Glenanne II; Pembroke II 3-0 Cork C of I II; Monkstown II 3-1 North Down II; Belfast H’Q 1-2 Armagh

ESB Irish Junior Cup Round Three
Loreto II 0-1 Hermes II; Belfast H’Q II 2-1 Waterford; Glenanne 4-2 Our Lady’s; Galway 1-0 Wexford; Pembroke II 1-0 Armagh; Randalstown 1-0 Clontarf; Suttonians 0-4 Pegasus II; Railway Union 1-0 Bray

ESB Irish Junior Cup Quarter Finals Draw
TO be played 9th February
Belfast Harlequins II–v- Randalstown II
Pembroke II –v- Hermes II
Railway II –v- Pegasus II
Galway –v- Glenanne


Anonymous said...

Fair play to the branch on sorting out the Junior cup situation after the 2 teams were ejected. They reached the fairest solution!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comment about the decision being the fairest for all teams involved.

There's a few interesting ties. I expect Corinthians to beat Bandon so they'll give Inst a tough test, we'll see who is really playing well here, and the next game against Pembroke should be great.

Mokstown will also test Cookstown's mettle. They've a really young team this year but Town can still play some decent stuff and depending on who their 1s play earlier that day they may be able to strengthen their side for the IJC.

Competition is still wide open but the cream is definitely rising!!