Sunday, January 20, 2008

News in Brief

* To confirm something mentioned in comments on this site. TRR and Clontarf 2nds have both been disqualified from the Irish Junior Cup for fielding ineligible players.

* Umpire Martin Caniffe has been announced as part of the official team at the European Cup Winner's Cup in March where Glenanne will be representing Ireland.

* The Irish women return home briefly this week after their training week in South Africa. They showed a marked improvement over the course of the visit, picking up a draw in their final match.

* The IHA hosted its second Youth Leader programme in St Andrews today. The programme sees youth leaders ideas and advice on how to get involved in Umpiring, Team Management, Coaching and Press Relations with a view to improving the voice given to Youth hockey in Ireland.

* Iain Lewers and John Jermyn have been making headlines in Dutch hockey magazines in recent weeks. They were recently featured in the well-regarded Hockey Magazine. Here's a sample piece:

TWEE HGC'ERS IN IERSE HERENSELECTIEHet nationale herenteam van Ierland doet in februari mee aan het olympisch kwalificatietoernooi in Nieuw Zeeland. Bondscoach Dave Passmore selecteerde voor dit belangrijke toernooi twee spelers die uitkomen voor HGC. Het gaat om Iain Lewers en John Jermyn. Klik hier voor het volledige bericht

* Not really news but I found out this week, the Irish hockey team was the first Irish team of any sport to take part in a World Cup of any description when they visited Argentina in 1978!


Anonymous said...

Any news on what happens to the draw for the Irish Junior cup now that 3 rock and Clontarf are out?

Anonymous said...

From a (albeit very very brief) chat with someone in the IHA I got the impression that the teams would probably get walkovers but it was yet to be decided

Anonymous said...

It's really Bandon II, Corinthian II, Weston II and Portadown II that must feel hard done by!!

Why can't they each have a play-off for the right to face Instonians II and Annadale II?

Anonymous said...

The teams who were beaten by teams fielding illegal players should of course have gone staight back into the junior cup. It is a very shabby display by the IHA that it took so long to find this out. They have a case to answer & the hard done by clubs have a case against the IHA.

Anonymous said...

yea i think that play of is a good idea

Anonymous said...

That play off is now happening with

Corinthian II v Bandon II and Weston II v Portadown with the of Corinthan match playing Inst 2nds and Weston match playing Annadale 2nds respevtively

Anonymous said...

That's the fairest outcome... common sense prevails :-)