Monday, May 4, 2009

Banbridge appeal not upheld

Following Banbridge's appeal over the circumstances surrounding Jonathon Kane's goal in the IHL semi-final with Glenanne, the IHL Administration Committee released the following statement concerning the sequence of events:

1. A goal was scored by Glenanne in the 53rd minute of the game.

2. At the end of the game, it was established that Banbridge wished to lodge a protest.

3. The protest indicated that there was an issue with the timing of the third quarter, which cast doubt on the goal scored by Glenanne in the time leading up to the clock being stopped /hooter sounding.

4. The Tournament Director, supported by two officials from the IHL Administration Committee reviewed the protest, the official Match Report and interviewed the Technical Official and two Assistants.

5. The Tournament Director established that:

a. the goal was scored in the 53rd minute

b. some time elapsed between the goal being scored and the hooter being sounded eventually being stopped to indicate the end of the 3rd Quarter

c. the official table clock and the spectators clock were out of sync during the 3rd quarter.

6. The decision of the Tournament Director was that the protest by Banbridge was not upheld.

The IHL Administration Committee accept that in this instance the management of the timing by the table officials during the game between Glenanne and Banbridge caused confusion and fell short of the expected standard.

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Anonymous said...

"Fell short of the expected standard" This is a disgrace and an embarassment to irish hockey! Banbridge have trained hard like all teams all season to play on big stages like this and have been robbed of a European place because someone wasn't doing the job he was assigned to do! If a player makes a mistake he gets punished, but yet again the iha have covered this all up to defend their own members! For once why can't the iha "grow a set" hold there hands up and admit they made a major mistake! This is no fault of glenanne or the banbridge players they put on a great show, but everyone at the came could clearly see the 4th glens goal was scored 26 secs after the period should have ended! I'd say this post won't even be put up but sure its worth a try!