Thursday, May 7, 2009

Month of talent identification gets underway

The IHA’s Olympic Talent Search 2009 begins this weekend as the national association goes in search of stars of the future at a series of venues around the country.

Irish Hockey is looking for girls and boys aged between 11 and 14 – born in 1995, 1996, 1997 or 1998 with any of the following attributes: athleticism (speed, balance and agility/mobility); games awareness (good at other sport such as soccer, hurling, basketball, rugby); hand-eye co-ordination (good at hurling, tennis etc); a desire to be involved at sport at a high level and to represent your country at an Olympic games.

Prior experience of hockey is not essential as much of the sessions will take place without a stick and ball. A statement from the IHA concerning the talent search states: “With the 2012/2016 Olympics fast aproaching, Irish Hockey has developed a robust infrastructure to nurture talent.

“The Olympic Talent Search is an exciting part of this structure and will add to Ireland’s realistic chance of competing in the Olympics in the future.

“In the first year of the scheme (08/09), 11 girls and 3 boys progressed from the TID process into the Ireland U-16 squads.”

The ‘screening’ dates will run on the following dates (all €17 or sterling equivalent)

Screening Dates (all sessions cost E17 or sterling equivalent):
Sunday, May 10, Grange Road 930am-1pm (Girls), 230pm-6pm (Boys)
Monday, May 11, Garryduff, 530pm-9pm
Wednesday, May 13, Garryduff, 530pm-9pm (Girls)
Thursday, May 14, Galway, 530pm-9pm (Girls)
Saturday, May 16, Limerick – Catholic Institute H.C, Rosbrien, 2.30pm-5.30pm (girls and boys)
Sunday, May 17, Pembroke Wanderers, 930am-1pm (Girls), 230pm-6pm (Boys)
Tuesday, May 19, Dublin – TBC, 5.30pm-9pm (Boys)
Wednesday, May 20, Dublin – TBC, 5.30pm-9pm (Girls)
Thursday, May 21, Naas, 6pm-9.30pm (boys and girls)
Tuesday, May 26, Kilkenny, 5.30pm-9pm (Boys and Girls)
Wednesday, May 27, Enniscorthy 530pm-9pm (girls)
Saturday, May 30 Banbridge (RDS only) 930am-1pm (Girls), 230pm-6pm (Boys)
Sunday May 31 Mossley H.C (RDS only) 930am-1pm (Girls), 230pm-6pm (Boys)
Monday, June 1 Lisnagarvey H.C (open) 5.30pm-9pm (boys and girls)

Players selected from these screening dates will then progress to further regional development sessions with a subsequent national U-15 talent identification group screening in Dublin over the weekend of June 27 and 28.

Registration for the Talent ID screening days can be made via the Irish Hockey website, Click on the Talent ID link on the home page and complete the online form.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm if the self-pass rule is to be applied to all levels of hockey next year?

Derek said...

Great program organised by the IHA. Why isn't there a venue in North or West Dublin though. Is that TBC??

Anonymous said...

well it was supposdly ment to be in as of the 1st of may but in the garvey bandon nd corinthian games it was free hits.

Anonymous said...

Steve,Could you get us a difinative answer from the branch (If possible) on the Auto pass rule for next season, If it comes in i think it will be great for the sport!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the wildcard playoffs had to be played using the old rules because the IHA ruled it that way.

Maybe because Corinthian and Bandon had not played the new rules in any official game??

The new rules come into effect on the 1st May and I am sure any wildcard playoff's next year will be played using auto pass etc etc.

Out with the old, in with the new....

The new rules are fantastic for the thing since off side disappeared...

Anonymous said...

The new rule will come into effect at the start of next session.