Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trinity take Neville Davin cup for first time

Dublin University claimed their first ever Neville Davin Cup in dramatic fashion as they got the best of a penalty stroke competition 3-1 and deny Clontarf the double.

Earlier, Trinity forced extra-time when Barry Glavey netted a last minute drag-flick to end what had been a fast and frantic 70 minutes.

It was Glavey's second of the game having earlier exchanged corner strikes with Rob Abbott in the first half. Tom Noonan's superb deflection, though, looked to have given the north Dublin side the title with less than ten minutes remaining.

However, a scoreless extra-time preceded strokes with Jack Hegarty saving twice to put Trinity in the box seat and eventual victory.

The game also marked Gordon Lindsay's retirement after an impressive career at Dublin Uni, Clontarf and Three Rock Rovers in which he claimed a couple of division two titles with Trinity and current club Clontarf and a division one title with Bert Vreeken's Rovers.

* Pic from Jessica Pakenham-Money


Anonymous said...

wonder what psycholgical damage Clotarfs end of season will have on them. Have they falttered to deceive?

Anonymous said...

dont know if its faltered or flattered?? ur right though..doesn't look good for them coming into Div1. They will have a number of cup finals next year. think a lot will depend what players UCd get in as they are the only team i can see them finishing ahead of. Railway are improving, YM more so, then its fingal, corinthians and monkstown...

Put money on them staying up via the playoff! Hope they do..shut all the Div2 v 3 merchants up!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:31pm, the only thing that prevented them winning 2 titles was a penalty shoot out and a very late goal. They still went the season not losing in regulation(against div2 teams(!)), which is a pretty impressive feat, however as clontarf will know from their cup game with pembroke, there is a huge gulf in talent and ability between the two divisions.

chc player

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLULTELY LOVE the way people on this site claim a team is ruined just because they loose a cup final. Other things have to be taken into account like how clontarf have been doing all season.

if you ask me though i'd say losing that cup final was good for them. They needed a wake up call for next season which will prove very difficult.

What clontarf did this season is the minimum sandard for a team going up to Div. 1

Teams to go up next season:

Teams going down next season

Avoca Vs UCD

Anonymous said...

Lads just want to say congrats to Trinity on their cup final win, they were the better team on the day and totally deserved their win. They were also very gracious winners and didn't jump at the chance to rub it in our faces. Best of luck for next year lads. Del (clontarf hc)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Steve for the mention. Disappointing way to finish off but after playing for Trinity for 9 years, I'm glad they won the cup if Clontarf didn't. Well done to the Trinity team, I hope this will be the start of getting promotion next year.

Lush said...

Gordy you legend! What are you going to do with all your free time? A move into management perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Clontarf are a class act, 46 points from a possible 48 is an amazing achievement. They played an extremely professional game on Saturday and strokes is never a nice way to decide a winner of a cup. I can see them causing a few upsets next season.