Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pembroke back in pole position

Men's Division One:
Glenanne 3 (Graham Shaw 3) Fingal 5 (David Bane 2, Eamon Bane, Tom Manning, Adrian Sweeney)
Fingal struck three times in the closing ten minutes to confirm their place in division one for another season, conquering in an ill-tempered match that saw both Stephen Butler and Steven Doran red-carded at St Mark’s.

Tom Manning got the only goal of the first half, finishing well in the 18th minute, before Adrian Sweeney doubled the lead, twice having to round Doran before eventually rolling home for 2-0.

Graham Shaw completed a corner move to get the Glens back into the tie before all the shenanigans kicked off with captains David Bane and David Keogh – wearing the armband on his 21st birthday in place of Joe Brennan – both sin-binned due to continuing altercations around the pitch.

The move scarcely acted as a calming measure as a tussle between Graham Shaw and Eamon Bane escalated with Derek O’Gorman and Stephen Butler, weighing in. Butler was shown yellow and continued dissent saw the sanction upgraded to red.

Gary Sharman followed to the sin-bin for not retreating fully and disrupting an auto-pass before Shaw got Glenanne back on terms with a carbon-copy of the first corner, a switch to the pusher-out. And he got his hat-trick when he deflected a crash ball past Nigel Grothier.

However, Fingal had the extra man for the closing stages and were level at 3-3 when Paddy Gahan was cleaned out on the edge of the 25 and Eamon Bane was on hand to rebound from the resulting corner.

David Bane zipped home a drag-flick before he completed the win on the final whistle from the flick spot. Sweeney won the stroke, drawing a foul from Doran who was shown a straight red for dissent.

The win sees Fingal clear of any potential relegation play-off while the loss for Glenanne, allied to Corinthian’s draw, means the title is very much back in Pembroke’s hands.

Corinthian 0 TRR 0
Corinthian’s hopes of a maiden Leinster division one title took a huge hit, though it could have been worse but for a few Ross Murray moments of magic to deny Three Rock all three points. The goalkeeper kept out Sven Galjaardt’s penalty stroke awarded after Pierre de Voux had his attempted shot on goal checked.

He also incredibly denied from Mick Maguire, a save made after initially being wrong-footed before diving the opposite direction to his body-weight to deny a shot from three yards.
Both sides had a couple of corner chances which went unconverted while the reds finished with nine men after both Lucas Piccioli (bad tackle) and Darren Kimfley (dissent) were sin-binned. Chris Pelow had earlier been binned for a stick-tackle, too.

Monkstown 1 (Andrew Ward) Pembroke 2 (Alan Giles, Paddy Conlon)
Pembroke produced some of their more fluid hockey of late as they started like a train against Monkstown. Alan Giles opened the scoring when he touched in at knee-height after Adam Pritchard had flicked the ball goalwards. Giles was also instrumental in the second goal, intercepting in the second half to set up a one-on-one with Dave Fitzgerald and squaring to Paddy Conlon to complete the move.

Mick O’Connor had earlier had a goal chalked off; Fitzgerald pulled off a superb stick save from a Sothern drag while Brian Groves cleared another effort from Sothern off the line after the ball stopped virtually on the post.

Andrew Ward pulled one back with a reverse-stick deflection to Andy Ewington’s drag and the Town built some late pressure as they went in search of a point but Pembroke held out and, with other results going their way, now have the destiny of the league title very much in their own hands.

YMCA 5 (Simon Mills, Andy Walker, Mikey Fry 2, Richie Pedreschi) Clontarf 2 (Luke Hayden, Andy Poynter)
YM recovered from a 2-1, half-time deficit to keep their IHL bid intact, scoring four times in the second half to pick up the points at Alexandra College. Luke Hayden deflected in a reverse-stick cross from Andy Poynter to break the deadlock and while Simon Mills fired home a drag-flick, the Bulls had the lead on half-time when Poynter finished a one-on-one.

Tarf were decent value for their lead but the faded in the second half. Andy Walker got YM level in the 48th minute before Mikey Fry’s double made the game safe. He finished off a decent move created by Rob Whelan and Stephen Walker for the go-ahead goal before Richie Pedreschi completed the scoring with an excellent chip over Stephen Cairns from the top of the D.

Men's Division Two:
Weston 1 (Darrell Carey) Suttonians 0

Dublin University 9 (Andrew Beverland 2, Hal Sutherland, Tolly Humphries, Henry Butler, Andy Gray, Daire Coady, Chris Tyrell, Freddie Hill) Bray 3 (Phil Davis, Donal Kelly, Stephen Jones)
Trinity notched nine for the fourth time in 2010 thus far to move up to second in the rankings, comfortably claiming the three points against Bray at Grange Road. Phil Davis' penalty stroke had Bray level at 1-1 but the students pulled clear to lead 5-2 at half-time and added four second half goals to completed the rout with eight different scorers on the list.


Anonymous said...

absoulte disgrace from both Fingal and Glens players!!!!both off the ball challenges on players and foul language from all were appalling.

Am amazed noone got seriuosly injured, so much for div1

Anonymous said...

good hard game, it was like rolling back the years. bout time we seen a good hard fought game. Nothing wrong with getting stuck in.

Anonymous said...

5-3 sounds like a great game of hockey but it was anything but.

The glens v fingal games are turning nasty these days and its a pity - yesterday both teams went out to take each other on - If this continues on, then someone will be hurt - its ok playing hard but, this carry on was not being hard, it was cowardly behavior by both sides

Glens also should not have swapped the captains armband due to david keoghs birthday - if there was nothing to play for yes - but not when they are going for the league - they should have started the game in business mode.

All this nonsense just handed over the league to pembroke, congrats to them.

Craig ( glenanne member )

Anonymous said...

agree the bad language was disgraceful especially in abuse of the umpires. Below is from Leinster Branch disciplinary Committee Report 31st January 2010.

"The committee wishes to put on record that it is particularly concerned at the level of abuse directed at umpires, and has taken a hard line when dealing with this type of offence. Players who appear before the committee for abusing umpires in the future can expect to receive more severe penalties. Clubs may also be penalised for failing to ensure the good conduct of their players as required by Rule 77."

The committee consists of Noel Keogh(Glenanne), Seamus Butler(Glenanne),Sean Stewart(Pembroke), Kieran Dempsey(St Brendans Phoenix Park),John Maguire(Railway Union) and Sean Murtagh(Corinthians).

Anonymous said...

Would it be conceivable that the Glens gave David Keogh the armband in anticipation of a fractious match and that captains cards may have to be taken?

Umpires in hockey as in rugby normally expect the two captains to control their players.

Anonymous said...

how do so many different Trinity players score?? doesn't look like it's a short corner routine!

Anonymous said...

leinster branch website is down while they try and calculate trinitys goal difference

Anonymous said...

But do they really want the league, might suit them better not to win.
Too many matches in such a short period of time and the EHL to think about.

Anonymous said...

Glenanne looked like an ageing team yesterday, which they are. Maybe its the end for this team and a time to rebuild. Not as big a cert for the Irish Senior Cup as they think.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Craig that there is a dangerous feel to these games. The umpires may have come into some criticism, but they have to take such action to get the lippy element out of the game. It's only players own fault for getting cards for back chat. If it leads to 7v7 for a period, so obe it. Both teams have to learn to show some respect, even if they have a dislike for eachother.

Anonymous said...

Craig the Glenanne member. Are you really a Glenanne member? Cant think of anyone in the club called craig!

Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear the umpires stood up to some disgraceful language/behaviour.This kind of carry on has gone unpunished too much in the past

Anonymous said...

finally someone with the guts to send a glennane player off

Anonymous said...

Delighted Fingal won as the Prima Donnas of Glens lost the plot and threw their toys out of the pram
and the league with it.

Anonymous said...

@5.56 - yes i am a member of glenanne,

Fact glenanne & fingal out of order in yesterdays game

p.s - i dont know anyone in the club called "Anonymous" thats for sure. I have seen alot of anonymous displays but thats another matter.


Anonymous said...

Sick of making comments and not printed. Truth hurts!!! or is it we dont want to show up our international players who should be setting the right example.

Anonymous said...

3.20pm - The way they are playing at the moment they wont win anything this season except the Neville Cup.

Anonymous said...

Yeah glennane, pembroke big whoop. The real story is trinity! playing crowd pleasing hockey. Samba stuff

Anonymous said...

are the wheels falling of at glenanne?

Anonymous said...

In Semi's of ISC and 2nd in their IHL group with 2 home games left... Don't think the wheels are off just yet. Looked very tired at the weekend though.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Fingal put up a good fight on Wednesday in the Final. If they do, it might not be as one sided as people have predicted.

Anonymous said...

10.02...why dont you put your name to your posts and then they may go up, I think its only fair you put your name to what you want to say.


Anonymous said...

Pembroke already arranging party for after match on wednesday....

Anonymous said...

11.28am... Why not pur your surname down then. Johnny is a pretty common name.

Anonymous said...

I think you are missing the point, 'Johnny' is not the one who is moaning about comments not been put up. 10.02 doesnt put his name up beacuse he cant back up his statements.

My point is that it is easy to have a go at people on this site and correct me if I am wrong but that is not the point to this site.

Steve Findlater, I think you are correct for not submitting comments about individuals unless the poster is willing to put his name up.

Alot of negative comments come through this site which in my opinion only brings down the level of professionlism that stephen puts in.

Hockey is a small sport and its about time we all stop moaning at each other and try bring the sport the positive coverage it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Terrible news for YM that Pembroke could already have the league wrapped up before thay play Rovers on Sunday. Hopefully justice will prevail and the best team gets the play-off place

Anonymous said...

When do UCD play Three Rock and when is it? Alot of people seem to take it as a given that Rovers will win that game

Anonymous said...

1252 - not sure if its intentional but when you say hopefully justice will prevail, does that inmply YM are the better team?

i think final league tables will determine that, and that is the true justice. every club has played different teams at moments in the season with different pressures... say YM against Pembroke playing their third game in five days, swings and roundabouts.

YM have been better this year than previosu times but actually haven't beaten anyone in the top six this season, only winning against Fingal, Railway, UCD and Clontarf. good perfromances against the other contenders but haven't pushed it home.

Gale said...

11.33am, Pembroke had an after party in the club after they lost the Mills Cup last year. It is no reflection on their attitude to the game that they have organised one again this year.

Anonymous said...

Pembrokes party is a fundraising event for their KO16 EHL trip.Nothing more,nothing less.quit stirring.

Anonymous said...

"hopefully justice will prevail" - Straight from a scence from the birmingham six -