Monday, January 25, 2010

Galway retention on track as Railway advance

Railway Union and Monkstown became the fifth and sixth men’s sides to qualify for the inaugural National Indoor Trophy finals weekend as they proved too strong for tournament newcomers Glenanne II and Suttonians.

Both had progression wrapped up at the National Basketball Arena prior to their match-up in the group’s second last game with Railway taking the honours 3-1 to head the group. The Glens and Suttonians subsequently played out a lively 5-5 draw to earn their first point in the competition.

On the women’s side, Galway began their bid to remain indoor champions in style as they beat Loreto Group A’s opening tie, 7-4, and gained the single point they needed in a 3-3 tie with Corinthian to seal their passage into the final’s weekend.

The reds were ousted by Rathfarnham neighbours Loreto 5-3 for the second qualifying place. Hermes bossed Group B with three comfortable wins over Old Alex, Avoca and Glenanne. Alex nabbed second with hard-fought wins over the latter pairing while division three Avoca gave a strong account of themselves to beat the Glens in the group’s final tie, 4-3.

Railway Union, meanwhile, transferred their outdoor form to indoor as they picked up three wins from three to top group C with a goal difference of plus 18. UCD grabbed second spot courtesy of a narrow 4-3 success over Pembroke when a draw would have nudged the Dublin 4 side through.

Group C: Glenanne II 2 Monkstown 8; Railway Union 6 Suttonians 0; Glenanne II 1 Railway Union 6; Monkstown 8 Suttonians 3; Monkstown 1 Railway Union 3; Glenanne II 5 Suttonians 5
Standings: 1. Railway Union 9pts (+13) 2. Monkstown 6pts (+9) 3= Glenanne II 1pt (-11) 3= Suttonians 1pt (-11)

Group A: Galway 7 Loreto 4; Corinthian 3 Galway 3; Corinthian 3 Loreto 5
Standings: 1. Galway 4pts (+3) 2. Loreto 3pts 3. Corinthian 1pt (-2)

Group B: Avoca 2 Hermes 4; Glenanne 3 Old Alex 5; Avoca 1 Old Alex 4; Glenanne 1 Hermes 7; Hermes 5 Old Alex 0; Avoca 4 Glenanne 3
Standings: 1. Hermes 9pts (+13) 2. Old Alex 6pts (0) 3. Avoca 3pts (-4) 4. Glenanne 0pts (-9)

Group C: Pembroke 1 Railway Union 3; Bray 1 UCD 7; Railway Union 7 UCD 2; Bray 0 Railway Union 11; Pembroke 3 UCD 4; Bray 1 Pembroke 8
Standings: 1. Railway Union (+18) 2. UCD 6pts (+2) 3. Pembroke 3pts (+4) 4. Bray 0pts (-24)


Anonymous said...

Are Railway unstoppable?

Anonymous said...

great to see the indoor taking off.
Would be great to see all leinster clubs getting a team in plus some others. Well done to paul for getting us this far. Come on ireland get the rest to join in .....

Anonymous said...

there must be some definite scope for an Irish team at some international level. costs may be an issue but Denmark and Austria, who have tiny player bases compared to ireland are competing well at the top level in Europe, a bit of high quality coaching could go a long way and may well benefit the outfielders.

Anonymous said...

Go on King of the Boards

Anonymous said...

paul o'brien, sits confortably on his throne as king of all boards.

Anonymous said...

Mick Mc Kinnion had railway really well drilled on sunday, unfortunately for us!
...maybe he could be coach??
i heard he played indoor for england in his day?

Anonymous said...

ye tehy were very well drilled....!i doubt the bit bout him being on teh national team is true to be honest

Anonymous said...

Paul 'Brien-Dumbledoor-absolute wizard of the boards!