Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Merry helps Temple Mount Trophy charge

Leinster Schoolboy’s Senior Trophy – first round
Mount Temple 2 (Kevin Mullins, Adam Merry) King’s Hospital 1 (Johan Livonius) after extra time

Adam Merry’s extra-time rebound secured Mount Temple’s place in the quarter-finals of the Leinster school’s Senior Trophy, edging out King’s Hospital in a pulsating tie on the Malahide Road last Friday.

He struck late to break the resistance of a game KH who went ahead early and, with stout Simon Pearson and Paul Lawson resistance almost held on for penalty strokes. Johan Livonius – one of three German exchange students in the starting line-up – got a superb deflection to Carl Goodwin’s knee-high cross to open the deadlock. Temple’s Mark Ryan had already drawn a brilliant save from Johan Bullinger – a former handball goalkeeper who converted his skills to the Astroturf two years ago – and he peppered the KH 25.

KH, though, were carving out the odd chance of their own until Kevin Mullins’ bizarre goal levelled matters. He miscontrolled Merry’s crash ball to wrong-foot Bullinger. The ball hit the post and rebounded onto the goalkeeper’s kicker and back into the goal.

Livonius missed out from a late corner to nick the tie in third last minute while Pearson’s long run as denied at the last by Conor McGlynn when he looked well set, meaning extra time was necessary.

And Temple took the initiative once KH were reduced to ten men for a sin-binning. Ryan’s lengthy overhead exploited the extra space with Mullins racing onto the through ball. His low shot was brilliantly parried by Bullinger but he could do nothing to deny Merry’s follow-up which sealed the tie. They advance to play High School on Thursday afternoon.

Senior Trophy, round Two draw:
John Scottus vs Kilkenny; St Columba's College vs Dundalk; Mount Temple vs High School; Sandford Park vs Sutton Park

U-13 Cup: Sutton Park 8 St Columba's 3; King's Hospital 3 High School 0
Junior Cup: Mount Temple 3 (Mark Ryan 2, Conor Sealy) King's Hospital 1; Sutton Park 3 Sandford Park 0
Junior B league: St Killians 7 Wesley 0; St Killians 1 St Andrew’s 1
U-13 B league: St Killians 0 St Andrews 0

* Check out Thursday's Evening Herald for more; for photos from the Mount Temple vs King's Hospital game, click here


Anonymous said...

isnt kev Mullins the 13 year old that scored in All Irelands..if so must be a decent talent if producing at sen level

Anonymous said...

Kh deserved to win. Simon pearson is a great player and one to watch

Anonymous said...

ye it was him!! hes lethal

Anonymous said...

KH never deserved to win. Temple had 10 shorts to KH 3, and completely dominated possesion with by far the more open play chances as well.

Anonymous said...

Si ya really shouldnt be writing in about yourself dude!!


Anonymous said...

its not hard to score in the all irelands. a wesley college goalkeeper did

Anonymous said...

Mount Temple lost on flicks, after 5-5 draw, to High School.