Monday, May 5, 2008

All-Ireland league draw made

Fingal became the 12th qualifier for the All-Ireland league as they profited from Instonians 6-0 spanking of Bandon. That match was followed by the draw for the competition which, in an open draw, has put together some very interesting match-ups.

Group A:
Cookstown, Pembroke Wanderers, Glenanne, Instonians, Cork Harlequins, Annadale

Group B:
TRR, Fingal, Monkstown, Cork C of I, Banbridge, Lisnagarvey

Happy with the draw? How do you think the Leinster sides will do? Have your say...


Queso said...

Are you sure it was an open draw as the groups appear suspiciously very symmetrical!!!

Group A: U1, U4, U5, L2, L3, M2 Group B: L1, L4, L5, U2, U3, M1

All we need now is Cookstown to start moaning about the "group of death" and have the IHA pander to their concerns by restructuring again!!!

sheepz said...

Two cracking groups there. The first group is probably the toughest one considering it contains both Glenanne and Pembroke, the two best teams in the country over the last 3 years. Having said that the other group will probably be closer.

Tucker said...

group A is by far the hardest!!! 4 teams in group A would probably be favourites if they were in group B!! i would say three rock will surely crank it in group B along with 'garvey.
How come it wasn't seeded in some way???

Hey ringaay!!!

Queso said...

I think there actually is some sort of seeding in place as per my earlier comment.

In addition you also have the current All-Ireland semi-finalists split between the groups, so on current performance they appear to be quite even!

Stephen Findlater said...

Why it is being suggested that it was an open draw is because it was made at Lisnagarvey with all 12 teams entered into one pot and drawn out.