Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodheart names French squad for Ireland series

French Coach Scott Goodheart has selected 18 players for the two match series with Ireland at Serpentine Avenue this week, using the games as an opportunity to try out a few squad variations.

“These matches are an important opportunity for the players to show their potential, and also for the coaching staff to finalise our focus for 2009,” he said.

Mathieu Durchon, pictured in action against Ireland in the Olympic qualifier is rested while Goodheart's panel includes two new players to the senior squad, U-21s Guillaume Samson and Lucas Sevestre. Both players impressed in recent matches against Scotland and have earned another opportunity for the France senior team.

The series also sees the return of Nicolas Monnier, the 30-year-old veteran playing in his first matches for France since the 2008 Olympic Qualifier tournament in March 2008.

"We are evolving as a team, and the emergence in confidence and skill of some of the younger players in the group has been very exciting. This is also motivating the more experienced players to keep improving. I hope this continues into and beyond these games,” Goodheart said.

France squad: Arnaud Becuwe, Thomas Becuwe, Martin Genestet, Thomas Gourdin, Willy Hoareau, Noud Jansen, Joost Jansen, Max Lanos, Henri Julien Lhomme, Nicolas Martin Brisac, Valentin Migneau, Nicolas Monnier, Guillaume Samson, Yannick Schambert, Francois Scheefer, Lucas Sevestre, Frederic Soyez, Max Wilson

Match schedule (both at Serpentine Avenue):
Tuesday (7pm) Ireland vs France
Wednesday (7pm) Ireland vs France

* To see the Ireland squad named earlier this month, click here


Anonymous said...

Who is on the Irish squad?

Stephen Findlater said...

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy when ireland plays the French they've knocked us out a good few competitions over the years and it's normally a fairly even game so we'll see if the Irish system is bearing fruit.