Friday, March 20, 2009

John Waring classification matches

3rd/4th Playoff: Wesley 4 (Carl Eggert 3, Kyle Good) Banbridge 1 (Scott Forbes)
Wesley once again cut loose in the All-Ireland Schools, a result which will once again leave them to rue their off-colour half against Cookstown in the tournament's opening game.

A superb team move, starting at right-back Rob Anderson went the full length of the pitch for Carl Eggert to get the first of his hat-trick. Kyle Good made it 2-0, taking over penalty-stroke duties from Eggert but the latter doubled up from close range in the second half for an imposing 3-0 advantage.

Scott Forbes netted a corner to pull one back before Eggert completed his triple and claim a bronze medal.

5th/6th Playoff: Bandon 2 (Karl Lynch, Cathal Duggan) Ashton 1 (Stephen Swanton)
Bandon won round one of the Munster school's double-bill, beating Ashton 2-1. The real deal, the Munster school's cup final, is likely to take place in two weeks time but Bandon will take confidence from this performance as they enjoyed the lion's share of possession.

Karl Lynch and Stephen Swanton exchanged goals before Cathal Duggan got the winner in the second half.


Anonymous said...

I think Wesley will be really disapponted not to have done better in this tournament. They just had an off 20 minutes against Cookstown which cost them big. I think the Wesley Cookstown game was by far the best game of the tournament and maybe should have been seeded so it would have eneded up the final!... Carl Eggert first goal today was something special and showed wesleys class. It started off with Scott Wilkie finding Conor Motyer in mid field he turned his man and gave a pass to right back Rob Anderso who first time slapped it down the line. Jamie Tobin dove and first time hit a beautiful ball across the face of goal to Carl Eggert to claim his first! Well done cookstown tho!!

Anonymous said...

carl eggert never got a touch against a classy defence of cookstown. scored a drag but never in open play. best mcgucken wilson johnstone keep al of wesleys forwards quiet so it wasnt as though they had an off day, the defenders had an on day for 2 days! the cookstown and wesley game was great to watch and yes it was worthy of a final. but from watching all matches in the boys section cookstowns mdfield of smyth ames sloan were sublime. oustanding. the forwards were so quick an work-man-like and it was a pleasure to watch beauty in motion.

before the tournament i knew no Cookstown names. now im looking out for them. well done to all teams for getting there in the first place and for Cookstown to grab victory.