Friday, March 27, 2009

Leinster Men's weekend preview

Pembroke's title bid faces a tough battle as they look to overturn their Mills Cup final defeat at the hands of Corinthian last week. Three Rock's recent draws with YMCA mean that Pembroke's destiny is back in their own hands, though any slip up and Glenanne are likely to pounce.

They face the terminally injury-ravaged Fingal who have Glen Shekleton, Mick McGuinness and Conor Connolly on the sidelines while David Bane is likely to be limited to ten-minute bursts. The overturning of the three-point penalty for the reds means Fingal are in desperate need of points to retain IHL status.

Monkstown face Rovers at virtually full strength with just Stephen Cole missing out again due to his broken toe. Three Rock's double weekend may see the squad rotated as their title shot looks threadbare. With IHL and EHL concerns coming up, keeping players in the best shape may be a more pressing concern.

Mitch Darling was sick mid-week but may return while Charlie Henderson will possibly come in for one of the weekend's games while it will be Phelie Maguire's last appearances of the season as he embarks on a second trip to Palestine on March 31.

The most vital match in terms of league placings comes late on Saturday afternoon as UCD and Kilkenny's season-defining game is last on the bill of a bumper day at Belfield. Ben Grogan's team showed decent heart last week against Railway to pick up a first home point. The cats, meanwhile, have no away points so the form may be with UCD.

Kilkenny's ability to score, however, could prove the decisive factor having double the students tally this year and while Tom Manning (pictured) has not hit the heights of 2007/08, he remains a threat to be feared.

Division 1 (Saturday)
Monkstown vs Three Rock Rovers, 1pm, Rathdown; Pembroke Wanderers vs Corinthian, 12pm, Serpentine Ave; UCD vs Kilkenny, 4.45pm, Belfield; Fingal vs Glenanne, 1.30pm, ALSAA
Sunday: Corinthian vs Three Rock Rovers, 1.15pm, Whitechurch Park

Tuesday: Fingal vs UCD, 8pm, ALSAA


Anonymous said...

Could Fingals's concrete pitch be the underlying reason for their 'injury-ravaged' side??

Anonymous said...

i think it might have something to do with it!! depends on the type of injuries that they have ie knee, shin and lower back area.

any upsets this weekend??

fingal vs glens maybe a draw??

or maybe chc nicking a win or a draw vs pembroke or 3rock

any thoughts?

gryphon man!!

Anonymous said...

chc beating or drawing against pem or trr wudn't be an upset! An upset wud be maybe ucd beating pembroke or trr.

Anonymous said...

Butler is in UAE this weekend - so glens could be held by fingal

Anonymous said...

CHC beating or drawing against Pem or TRR would most definitely be an upset my friend

Anonymous said...

not only were Glens short Butler(scored every league match so far)but were also missing Joe Brennan,and Grahem Shaw,and oh yes they won 5-2.
Fingal appeared short as well.
Match was umpired by a Glens and Fingal player ,each taking a half as one official umpire did not show.
Did really well and no problems.

Anonymous said...

bray v railway today an umpire failed to show. thats 2 umpires in a day

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Maybe for this weeks/next weeks ask Ray, we could ask him the process of becoming a league 1 umpire.

Anonymous said...

pembroke -v- CHC only one umpire showed up too,crozier,so they had to get some guy from the bar watching to do the game,think his name was ray actually

Anonymous said...

Have whistle, phone and a car.

Umpires are under extreme pressure, its a shame when they no show.

Anonymous said...

pembroke -v- CHC I saw the game it was very good and that ray guy that came down from the bar to umpire was very good. I hope the umpires use him again sometime.