Sunday, March 22, 2009

Men's Division One results

UCD 1 (Robbie McFarlane) Railway Union 1 (Paul O'Brien)
UCD were denied a first win of the season by Paul O'Brien's second half strike in a sprightly encounter at Belfield though the point could prove crucial with Kilkenny visiting next weekend.

Railway had the best of the opening stages with one Peter English drag-flick taken off the line by Ben Grogan's head. To the naked eye it looked to have hit his stick but the lump that emerged on his head later suggested otherwise. Railway were dangerous throughout as the game flowed from counter-attack to counter-attack with Mark English a threat

But UCD rallied well with Rob Lynch impressing, and Robbie McFarlane gave the students the lead in the 50th minute when he foudn space, spun and flicked into the roof of the net. O'Brien responded for Railway ten minutes later from a corner rebound before both sides had chances to win the game.

David Quinn saw a glit-edged opportunity blocked while Stephen O'Keefe was called on to make a comfortable, but vital, late save.

Three Rock Rovers 3 (Garry Ringwood, Peter McConnell, Patrick Shanahan) Fingal 1 (David Bane)
Fingal's IHL hopes became more dependent on Corinthian's three point penalty being upheld after they fell 3-1 to a below par Three Rock at Grange Road. Rovers led 2-0, Garry Ringwood's stroke setting them on their way.

A third followed in the second half before Fingal pulled one back. The hosts, though, were left concerned about the performance after the game with EHL concerns coming rapidly to the fore.

Monkstown 3 (Gareth Watkins 2, Brian Groves) Corinthian 3 (Andrew Sutton, Darren Kimfley, Andrew Cronje)
Trailing 3-0 at the break Corinthian produced a thrilling fightback against a tiring Monkstown to pick up a point. Gareth Watkins bagged the first and the third from corners before half-time, sandwiching Brian Groves' counter-attack goal.

Watkins would later spend time in the sin-bin for kicking the ball away while the reds switched to four up front for the second half in their efforts to get something from a key match in terms of IHL places.

It opened the game out massively with chances coming thick and fast at both ends. Andrew Sutton got the first, with a left-handed cricket stroke - applying an upright reverse to a bouncing ball from the top of the D.

Monkstown had chances to move further clear but their forwards tired due to a lack of rotation possibilities. Their bench was light on forwards due to injury and the involvement of their young charges in the All-Ireland school's. Corinthian made the most of their chances to bring the game back to 3-3

YMCA 2 (Jacob Webber, Richie Pedreschi) TRR 2 (Peter McConnell, Lucas Piccioli)
In almost a mirror image of the pairs recent draw, YM placed another dent in Three Rock's hopes of retaining the Leinster senior league with a 2-2 draw at Claremont Road. Indeed, it could have been worse for Rovers as they had to face a late corner without a recognised goalkeeper.

Wendel Armstrong was sin-binned for playing the ball outisde his area with his pads, leading to Peter Blakeney donning the protective gear for the first time since his time at Trinity. He kept out Jacob Webber's corner which would have sealed the win.

Peter McConnell's drag-flick gave the visitors the lead before Webber scored a fine individual goal to level matters. Lucas Piccioli's rebound made it 2-1 before Richie Pedreschi tied the game up once more.


Anonymous said...

have corinthians been deducted 3pts or not can this be confirmed??

Anonymous said...

I've said it once and i'll say it again, Peter Blakeney is playing out of position up front.
It's obvious to anyone with a true hockey brain that he belongs between the sticks.

Anonymous said...

Peter Blakeney belongs in the circus catching bullets with his teeth.

Anonymous said...

Richard Petrescu got Ym's second.

Anonymous said...

ye pedreschi got the second goal from an andy walker pass

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the assist update Walks...

Anonymous said...

I can confirm i wrote the 'Petrescu' post,but i didnt post the 'andy walker' bit!But cheers anyway.Pity we didnt win.

Anonymous said...

as far as i no corinthians have has the 3pts dropped good for monkstown i think corinthians would of beat them to 4th place

Anonymous said...

When will it be confirmed if Corinthians have lost the 3 points. I also heard they had now been given to Fingal. This should be pretty black and white - either they broke the rules or didn't. It is ridiculous this near the end of the season that a decision cannot be made and stood by. It is not fair on clubs, players or fans who don't know the affect on their team's qualification chances for next year's IHL

Anonymous said...

last post obviously from a fingal player. You should not recieve the points that you lost to corinthians. They have been docked from them and that is their punishment.

Anonymous said...

ok i am totally confused how can they be deducted 3 points for a leinster league match and for the same player / situation be allowed to continue in the leinster cup and THEN to actually win it ..

Can someone clarify please , are the rules that confusing.. if a player is not registered and you play a cup game you get disqualified ,- right ? And if you play a player not registered on the league you get deducted 3 points why does it that so long to get a decision on this ?

Does any one actually know the facts ????

Anonymous said...

queso we need ur help!

Anonymous said...

RE: "ok i am totally confused how can they be deducted 3 points for a leinster league match and for the same player / situation be allowed to continue in the leinster cup"

Isn’t it a rule saying a player has to be registered by a certain date in order to play in a comp that allows teams to qualify for the IHL, therefore the cup doesn’t count?

Stephen Findlater said...

I posted this as a comment in a recent post:

"To the best of my knowledge, while the point reduction no longer appears on the website, the penalty points have not been stricken from the record just yet.

"I spoke with someone on the fixtures committee during the week and other people have passed on information which suggest the three points are still currently in effect.

"The relevant rule under discussion would be Rule 88a) - available on the Leinster Hockey website"

This may be relevant in this discussion.

Anonymous said...

In terms of CHC's cup win with an unregistered player. It's my understanding that DU suggested that the result still stand as it was very conclusive that Corinthians would have been better even without their unregistered player.

Anonymous said...

this being:

88 (a) All playing members of the club. New members shall be registered at least seven days before playing for the club. New members, who have not previously played competition matches for a club, shall not be eligible to play for that club in any of its teams last three league matches or subsequent play offs.

New members who have joined after November 1st may not play in any Branch league matches which qualify a club to participate in the Irish Hockey League, without the prior sanction of the Irish Hockey Association.

Looks pretty straight forward, clearly corinthians were in the wrong but doesn't say what happens to the points. I think the points should go to Fingal.

What would happen if it had been the Glenanne game say for example where Corinthians had played an illegal player to win and subsequently the points were not awarded to either team costing Glenanne the league out of no fault of their own.

And no im not a Fingal player.

Anonymous said...

surely if the 3 points are deducted they MUST be given to the relevant team that played against CHC in the relevant fixture.
We cannot have a league with Null points??

Anonymous said...

Whats the story with the div 3 game between Corinthians II and Fingal II? played on the same day as the first team game. I believe the same rules apply and I know as I was playing that a new South African guy playing up front was very good and scored a few goals against us. This would have a big bearing on the destination of div 3 title.

Anonymous said...

There's more than just one rule in question in this situation.
It's a complicated matter which is why it hasn't been resolved yet.

DU had nothing to do with any of this and that was a stupid comment saying that they had.

It was a great cup win for CHC, well done to them.

Anonymous said...

Its not complicated, they played an unregistered player they loose the points. Even worse it took corinthians a week after the game was played to finally apply for his registation