Monday, March 9, 2009

Men's Division One: Back matches round-up

Three Rock Rovers 2 (Garry Ringwood, Peter McConnell) YMCA 2 (Jacob Webber, David Robinson)

Three Rock's hopes of retaining the Leinster senior league are now out of their hands as they fell to a 2-2 draw with YMCA at Grange Road today. They led twice but could not shake off a rugged YM side who, after last week's cup exit, have little left to play for but pride this season.

Garry Ringwood netted an early stroke, following Rovers' only corner of the game, but Jacob Webber scored a drag-flick to make it 1-1 by the break.

Peter McConnell scored a rebound to restore the lead but David Robinson pegged Rovers once more when he slid in after Stephen Barry's (pictured) long run and cross.

Rovers had initially intended to rest players involved in the Leinster squad but injury to Alan Bothwell and Neil Lyons' sickness meant Mitch Darling, Phelie Maguire and Andy McConnell were included while there was a first appearance for Shane Madeley.

For YM's part, Mikey Fry was a major name not on team sheet.

Kilkenny 1 (Hugh Kelly) Corinthian 5 (Miles Warren 2, Darren Kimfley 2, Brian Doherty)
Corinthian retook fifth place from Fingal with a comfortable yet scrappy 5-1 win in Kilkenny. The reds built up a 2-0 lead before Kilkenny missed a penalty stroke which may have tightened the game up somewhat but braces from Miles Warren and Darren Kimfley and another goal from the stick of Brian Doherty meant it was a successful away day.

*For more of Emer Keogh's pictures from the TRR vs YMCA game, click here


Anonymous said...

Pity rovers didnt give ym more respect instead of thinking it would be an easy game and therefore play so many of the younger players ym are improving all the time well done

Anonymous said...

Think rovers actually played as strong a side as was available to them tbh.

Anonymous said...

dont see how playing phelie, mitch and andy wasnt showing respect!

Anonymous said...

The first comment seems to be belittling YM's acheivement with faint praise.

They got a result against a fairly full strength side with three full internationals. Rovers' defence was shy a couple of players due to injury while Charlie Henderson was the only truly rested player but considering he's not played much recently, there's not much to suggest Rovers took this one lightly.

YM played well, got a result and will take a lot more pleasure from that than taking a sly dig that their opponents didn't respect the game.

Queso said...

Let's get the facts right here... Rovers only gave a debut to one new young player - Shane Madeley.

All the current Irish Internationals were playing... Two of the "older" players are injured.

In light of these points the first comment makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

YM were missing as many players as Three Rock.Ym possibly even deserved to win the game.But a good resut all the same

Anonymous said...

who were ym missing, mikey fry ?????

DoctorD said...

Hmmmm ... from IHL rules:

"7.1 Branch Responsibilities
The mandatory responsibilities of Branches in relation to the IHL are as follows:
- The entire weekend of IHL weekends are closed dates for participating teams to all other competitions. Respecting the duty of care to players, branches (and clubs) cannot schedule /re-schedule provincial competition matches for participating clubs for 5 days before and 5 days after an IHL designated weekend."

A noble aim but given the winter we have and all the cancellations I guess it is unachievable unless we play thru June.

With ISC, IHL, League matches, Interpros & Internationals, EHL for TRR all being played March/April, how are we looking after player welfare ?

Any opinions regarding reducing the size of the league or killing a couple of cups ? (for IHL participants).

Munster have a 7/8 team div 1, Ulster 8 and Leinster still 10 + Mills Cup + Neville Cup

Anonymous said...

I've said it before that the Leinster League needs to be reduced to 8 teams. There are far too many matches to be played know and this would take out 4 weekends.

I do believe there is now reasonable competiveness between the top 8 teams at the moment and UCD and KK are well off the pace.

Also Clontarf are looking a sure bet for promotion and judging by their 9-0 drubbing by Pembroke I dont think they are going to bring much benefit(competitiveness wise) to the league. I know they will point ot beating UCD(who have 1pt) and Railway but I think.

In order to make DIv 2 better I would also reduce it to 8 teams - bringing in top 2nd teams. Div 3 made up of best of rest.

Queso said...

Does anyone know what has happened to the Stephen Doyle and Wright-Carey Cups?? (Top 4 competitions for Division 1 and Division 3)

Have they been officially dropped from the schedule as I can't remember them being played for in recent seasons??

Anonymous said...

Some typical Rovers comments left here.Maybe you should do something to change the reputation u guys have instead of cementing it

Anonymous said...

Wright-Carey cup has been dropped but not sure of Stephen Doyle