Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ask Ray... about yellow cards

Ask Ray is back for a second season and will appear as regularly on a Wednesday as queries come in. This week the Olympic and World Cup final umpire deals with multiple yellow card offences:

The Query
If a player receives a yellow card for a specific infringement, do all other players who subsequently make the same infringement have to get a yellow card?

Ray's Response
No is the answer to the specific question

A card should be used as a last resort, when the umpire has tried to fix a problem of a player or team who keeps breaking a rule. Umpires must be very careful never to put themselves in a position that they have no other option but leave one team with less players on the pitch than the other.

One problem is that some players never seem to get or understand the message the umpire is trying to get across. A good example of this is when a player has received a yellow card for a deliberate offense they then come back onto the pitch and do the same again.

They, then, expect the umpire to give them the same yellow card. In this example the player/coach must take full responsibility for whatever happens next.

From the FIH Rule-book:
2.3e it is possible, although umpires are not encouraged to do so, for a player to receive two green or two yellow cards for different minor offences during the same match. However, when an offence for which a card has already been awarded is repeated, the same card must not be used again and a more severe penalty must be awarded.

Hope this makes sense?


Anonymous said...

Player was yellow-carded twice and thus red-carded in Broke Vs Glens ladies few weeks back, very justified, she never backed away whenfrees were being taken, just have never seen it in ladies hockey before

Anonymous said...

If a defender is issued a yellow card in his/her defensive 25, is it an automatic short corner for the attacking team?

Anonymous said...

If a defender is penalised in his/her defensive 25 with a short corner, is it an automatic yellow card for the defending team?.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nov 26th, 9.42am.

Are u really asking that every time a short corner is given a yellow card should also be handed out?!?!

Anonymous said...

i think that the person means inside the 25 but outside the D.

Anonymous said...

When pressing a defender who then chooses to flick the ball clear, when is it considered dangerous enough to be a free in?

I've been in this situation a few times this season and it seems that it is only awarded as 'dangerous' when someone is actually hit with the ball. Surely the main aim is to protect the player pressing the defender (not wait until they are hospitalised), otherwise what chance do they have of actually gaining posession?

Anonymous said...

No! I think what 9:42 is asking is that..If a player commits a foul inside the 25 that is bad enough to warrant a yellow card should that too mean a short corner is awarded! Think there was a situation in a ladies game recently where the player was yellow carded but only a free in was given. The two just don't seem to equate!