Sunday, May 23, 2010

Students denied by extra French goal

EuroHockey Club Champion’s Challenge I - Day Three
UCD 0 Cambrai 1 (Gwenaelle Dutel)
UCD fell to a second defeat in two days to miss out on a final shot as Cambrai grabbed the only goal through Gwenaelle Dutel struck from play in the 19th minute.

In combination with Royal Uccle’s win over Rottweiss Wettingen, a draw would have seen the students advance to one of Monday’s twin ‘finals’ but they were unable to get back on terms.

As a result, the French side’s victory left both teams level on seven points with an equal goal difference but the French side progressed courtesy on a tie-breaker of goals scored.

UCD had several opportunities to win the game but could not find the all important goal as they were frustrated by the French defence and in particular their goalkeeper, Maite Minet. UCD now play the Czech hosts Slavia Praha - who lost all three of their group games - at 10.45am on Monday in the 5th to 8th place play-offs.

Standings: 1. Royal Uccle 15pts (+6) 2. Cambrai 7pts (-2) 3. UCD 7pts (-2) 4. Rottweiss Wettingen 4pts (-2)

Apologies for any errors in the standings. There seems to be a number of inconsistencies on the EHF site, some but not all of which have been updated, but think above is the correct version.

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