Friday, October 2, 2009

Jermyn his half-century as Ireland win

Ireland 3 (M Watt, T Cockram, J Jermyn) Scotland 1 (M Ralph)
John Jermyn netted his 50th goal international goal as Ireland rediscovered the winning feeling in Banbridge last night to beat Scotland 3-1 in the first of a three match test series.

After missing the French series, his inclusion was a welcome addition as the Cork C of I man nailed his 15th goal in 13 appearances since July and finished off a vastly improved performance to last week’s games in France as preparations for November’s World Cup Qualifiers continue apace.

Mikey Watt opened the scoring - his sixth from play in seven games - with a brilliant reverse-shot before Mark Ralph levelled matters with a drag-flick in the 32nd minute.
But Ireland bossed the second half, taking the lead in the 45th minute through Timmy Cockram from open play before Jermyn drag-flicked in to continue his incredible run.

He lies second now in the current all-time lists with Stephen Butler leading the way on 76 goals.


Anonymous said...

Every game ireland lose there is always at least 20 comments putting the team down but every game they win there is never a positive comment to be seen! What sort of supporters are there in ireland?

Anonymous said...

here here.Well done lads,was up at the game on saturday and thought you were superb,the ball was moved at pace by everyone and the forwards looked dangerous working off eachothers shoulders.