Friday, December 18, 2009

Field wide open for National Indoor Trophy

Sunday sees the first eight hopefuls begin the inaugural National Indoor Trophy getting underway, taking over the reins from the Tony Byrne Leinster league, with an increase to 16 teams from around the country taking part.

Reigning champions Three Rock Rovers hit the boards at DCU at 9am on Sunday morning against Dublin Uni but, as in the outdoor game, have a much changed side. Indoor expert Graeme Dowling will line out with Avoca where he learned his trade when the Blackrock side were national kingpins.

Lucas Piccioli will play with Corinthian while forward Andy McConnell could be in opposition on Sunday in game six for Pembroke. The base of the team is still in tact with Alan Bothwell, Liam Canning, Neil Lyons and Peter McConnell rotating the back two places while Colin Huet will probably hold the pivot role.

Pembroke – from whom Rovers took the title two years ago – look set to be a strong outfit. Antoine Bruneau is likely to fill in for David Harte again while Paddy Conlon has the most know-how of this format.

Galway provide an unknown quantity while ever-present Dublin Uni make up the group of four from which two sides will progress. Group II features two sides keen to breakthrough as YMCA and Corinthian have come close in recent years to nicking the title.

YM, marshalled by indoor maestro Trevor Dagg, came with a hair’s breadth of the title in 2009 and suggestions are they are a more organised outfit this time out.

Corinthian, meanwhile, were unfortunate to have Andrew Cronje injured in the preliminary stages last year. His powerful, low-to-the-ground style could be key and, once again, the influence of the 90’s Avoca team is a factor. Like Rovers and YM, one of that team’s number, Peter Darley, is working the clipboard.

Clontarf could be the surprise package, though, with Kevin King (below, left) guesting this year. The Englishman has been a regular in Dublin for the tournament, previously coaching Railway ladies and playing for the Park Avenue club’s men.

He helps the Bulls and, if rumours are to be believed, a high profile arrival could also be linking up with the team on Sunday. UCD make their debut in the competition with John McInroy hoping to use his experience from Pembroke’s win in 2007 to good effect.

Groups three and four will take place in late January to decide the second set of four teams to advance.

Match Schedule (all in DCU, Sunday):
Dublin University vs Three Rock Rovers, 9am; Corinthian vs UCD, 9.50am; Dublin Uni vs Pembroke, 10.40am; Corinthian vs YMCA, 11.30am; Pembroke vs Galway, 12.20pm; Pembroke vs TRR, 1.10pm; Clontarf vs UCD, 2pm; Galway vs Pembroke, 2.50pm; Clontarf vs YMCA, 3.40pm; Galway vs TRR, 4.30pm; Clontarf vs Corinthian, 5.20pm; UCD vs YMCA, 6.10pm


Anonymous said...

Eh findo, are you the 'high profile' guest for Clontarf?

Setting yourself up for a fall?

Anonymous said...

is it true that Clontarf are getting some ex German International indoor player over??

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From what i have heard it could be more exciting than an ex international player. We will have to wait to find out i guess!?

Anonymous said...

why was comment Steve..can we be cryptic with our clues?

Anonymous said...

Any Indoor Results?