Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Glenanne cotinue fine Christmas tradition

December 25 sees another year of Glenanne tradition continue as the club holds their annual Christmas morning 'Married Vs Singles' charity match at 11am. It started in the 1940's and has continued uninterrupted since.

It has taken place in a few locations since the 40's, originally starting in the old grounds of the KCR. In 1973, the event moved to the LBIHU grounds at Templeogue and, later, it was played at Grange Road and spent ten years at Corinthian's grounds in St Columba's College. Four years ago, it was decided to play it in Glenanne Park and here it is to be played again this year.

Umpiring legend Ray O'Connor lines out for his 31st match on the trot while this year will also be Jimmy Leonard's 54th Married V Singles attendance.

The late Glenanne member Benny O'Farrell was a regular player/spectator, and was part of the Glenanne family for well over fifty years. Before his illness he did the collection every Christmas morning. His hat was passed around and the St Vincent de Paul was the beneficiary of the charity collection. Brian Hogan has taken over from his good friend Benny and the hat is still getting passed around.

Last Christmas morning the Married's won the match in Penalty strokes after a 2-2 draw. €3140 was raised after the match - probably the most successful hockey charity collection in Ireland.

During and after the match helpers provide mince pies, sausage rolls, tea, coffee and hot toddies for the enthusiastic players and spectators. Those players lucky enough, time it just so that the arrive home as the Turkey is being carved!

This is a tradition that will continue for as long as the club is still up and running and the regular highlight in the Glenanne calendar. So if you happen to be in the area drop in for a mince pie, sausage roll and a sneaky one before dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Smashing amount of money raised, wish our club would do something like this. Wonder how the heads are on Christmas morning though!