Thursday, January 8, 2009

FIH to introduce 'self-pass' rule

As predicted by Irish High Performance Director Dave Passmore two months ago (in an article written for Monkstown’s IHL programme), the FIH will introduce the “self-pass” rule on an experimental basis on May 1, 2009 for international hockey.

The FIH Executive Board agreed the introduction of the rule, which has been in place in the Euro Hockey League.

An associated rule change will stop attacking free hits taken inside the 23 metres area from being played directly and potentially dangerously into the circle.
The rules are designed to encourage free-flowing hockey.

Passmore was one of the major advocates of the EHL rules being used in the inaugural Irish Hockey League, saying “getting the new rules in was a bit of a struggle for me because I was very adamant that I think this is the way world hockey is going.

“I think, reluctantly, the FIH will give in to what the EHL are doing and the rules we are seeing. For once in our lives, I want Ireland to be ahead of the game.”

The IHL is one of the sole national competitions in the world to currently use the EHL rules.


Anonymous said...

Provided they don;t introduce the "quarters" to international hockey this sounds promising!

Anonymous said...

I think the quarters is a good thing, both from a spectators and a players point of view.

Emma said...

We sometimes have quarters in our local comp in Brisbane, Australia.

At the start and end of our season it can get very hot! A quick water break halfway through the half is really appreciated. Coaches aren't allowed to talk to the team at this time and it's only a 1min break.

Maybe at the international level it is expected that players should be fit enough to survive a full half? Especially with unlimited rotations - if this was taken away (like in rugby league) then quarters might be considered important.