Sunday, January 11, 2009

Men's Division Two: Week Eight results

Clontarf 5 (Rob Kelly 2, Tom Noonan, John Lennon, Rob Abbott) Skerries 0

The battle for supremacy in division two took a vicious swing in Clontarf's direction as they tonked northside rivals Skerries and now look to hold all the aces.

They led for over 69 minutes as Rob Kelly needed just 38 seconds to break the deadlock - his first of the season. Former Skerries-man Tom Noonan knocked in a cracker before Kelly showed he rekindled a taste for goal with his second before half-time.

John Lennon netted a corner rebound and Rob Abbott finished the scoring with a goal from play to round off a comprehensive victory. The pair are now level on points but two games in hand means Clontarf are in the box seat.

Dublin University 1 (Stu Cinnamond) Bray 3 (Simon Cox 2, Phil Davis)
Trinity threw away a half-time lead to fall to their fourth defeat from six games after a preseason which promised much. They controlled the first half before falling apart in the second and Bray took full advantage.

Former Monkstown-man Simon Cox bagged a brace while skipper Phil Davis got the other as the Graden

Naas 2 (Charlie Hill, Ciaran Davenport) Navan 1 (Stephen Hardy)
Naas nicked their first win of the season with a Ciaran Davenport goal 15 minutes from time as Navan lost their shape in the second half in the battle to avoid bottom spot.

The sides went into the break 1-1 with Stephen Hardy on the mark for Navan while Charlie Hill scored the hosts goal.
* For Adrian Boehm's pictures from Clontarf vs Skerries, click here


Anonymous said...

Stephen do u know who was taking photos at the Clontarf match and where I can find them online pls?

Stephen Findlater said...

Adrian Boehm took the pictures

Anonymous said...

Solid win for Clontarf. Thought it would have been a tight game but it sounded pretty onesided.

Dotsie said...

Clontarf were by far the better side and fair play to them. 5-0 might be a little bit flattering though, we had a good few chances that we could have and should have scored. Cairnsey made a good few saves to keep a clean sheet. Well done to Clontarf, cant see them not winning the league now.

Anonymous said...

"5-0 might be a bit flattering"...yeah to skerries! Still plenty in the bulltank! watch out div 1...kellier is on fire!

Anonymous said...

The Leinster Branch should really try and provide incentives for more youthful umpires to get into the game eg. making it mandatory for at least 2 players from each club to partake in a course.

I predict Clontarf will win the title, and deservedly so, but whoever comes in 2nd I think doesn't have a chance of gaining promotion. Just my opinion...Div 1 teams too strong.
Have Clontarf ever been in Div 1 before?

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more re umpiring. No incentive for anyone still playing to umpire. Div 3 should no longer get branch umpires, especially as most div 3 games have their div 1 side on before hand. Div 1 players seem sure enough of the rules when playing the game, so are well able for Div 3, and would have a much larger understanding of what the game is like compared to some of our more senior umpires.

I know of many excellent "young" umpires in their 20s/30s who are not willing to do branch umpiring as they are still playing. IMO it's the single biggest problem facing hockey over the next 3 years.

Dotsie said...

"Still plenty in the bulltank! watch out div 1...kellier is on fire!"

Good man yourself. What a comment, put your name to it. So I suppose you should have beaten us 9 or 10 nil yea?

Anonymous said...

you were out thought and out fought! simple as that! could just have easily been 8 or 9 if our forwards and our sc's had been more the other end we were rarely troubled!

Anonymous said...

ye it is hard to see another team beating the likes of Kilkenny in the play off, but never say never, it could happen in a one off game

Anonymous said...

Again another "man" hiding behind an anonymous profile its just pathetic if you have anything constructive to say put your name to it.

I spoke to Tom and Cairnsey after the match and although we where trounced 5-0 both agreed it was a bit flattering, Cairnsey played an absolute stormer and denied us many a time Tom took a superb goal and its great to see he learned something this year (shooting with the front of his stick).

Well done Clontarf level with 2 games in hand at the 1/2 way point in the season still a few more points up for grabs.

So anonymous step up to the put your name to the comments in future. Take a lesson from the rest of your team including your managers who shook hands with us amd wished us all the best for the rest of the season.

Alan Early (Earlo)

Tom said...

Alan/ Dotsie,

I doubt thats a Clontarf player writing those comments. If it wasn't for Cairnsy on Sat you would have had at least a couple. Everyone of us was saying that.

Only reason I went on my openside was cause I knew Colvin would never expect'll never happen again!!

Anonymous said...

I very much doubt that the "Bulltank" commentator IS a Clontarf player and if he is then I agree that he should put his name to the post and front up!!

Saturdays game was played in an excellent spirit between two very, very good teams. Clontarf certainly played better on the day, but 5-0 may have been slightly flattering.

I totally agree with Earlo and Dotsie that they had several good chances and Cairnsey pulled off some very good saves!!

There seems to be people putting posts on this blog, as if they were a Clontarf player, and I very much doubt that they are because the postings in NO WAY reflect how Clontarf as a squad felt about Saturdays game and only serves to sour relationships betweeen the two sides which in all my years playing has always been excellent (and hopefully will remain so).

Looking forward to the return fixture in Sunny Skerries.....

Anonymous said...

Dont write off Bray against clontarf this weekend, will be very competitive match