Thursday, January 8, 2009

Men's Division One preview

Division One returns after a short winter break with a series of matches which could prove pivotal in the final reckoning with Glenanne-Corinthian and Fingal-Monkstown potential crackers.

Neville Cup winners Glenanne have a full bill of health bar Richie Shaw's niggle but come up against a Corinthian side that caused them all manner of problems earlier this season. The Glens fought back to nab a draw thanks to two late goals after trailing 3-1 but come up against a reds side buoyed by the arrival of the lively Darren Kimfley up front and sweeper Andrew Cronje, both from South Africa.

Moving the other way, USA international Nate Coolidge is back in his home country in preparation for the 2009 Pan American Cup.

Fingal will hope pre-Christmas injuries to Ben Chillingworth, Paddy Gahan, Chris Neville and David Bane will clear up in time for the visit of Monkstown. A point separates the sides in fourth and fifth respectively but now find Corinthian within striking distance for IHL qualification.

Monkstown, meanwhile, are at full strength but have been confined regularly to indoor training in the past weeks due to the ongoing cold snap.

Railway could virtually assure safety this weekend if they can overturn their 5-2 defeat to Kilkenny. That result served as a wake-up call for the Park Avenue side who have since shown considerable promise with their youthful side with wins over the Town and Rovers.

Pembroke take the short hop along Claremont Road to play YMCA with Craig Fulton's ban served. Of their international players, only Tim Lewis has games from the '14-game' ruling still to sit out should he miss all Mills cup matches, having been rested twice from league action.

YM, on the other hand, have yet more injury woes. Jacob Webber has received an internal ban for his antics in the Neville Cup final while Will Powderly, Andy Walker and David Robinson - injuring the other shoulder this time - are all out.

Three Rock are another side with lay-offs for the visit of UCD. Stephen Macken (nose), Gavin Bourke (back) and David Storey (ankle) are unable to face their alma mater while strikers Peter Blakeney, Feran Pijeon and Patrick Shanahan are away. Charlie Henderson is also out due to the birth of his second child.

The students, meanwhile, should be well rested having last played on December 2, 2008 with matches likely to come thick and fast for the Coen van Putten's men in the New Year.

Three Mills Cup games are also up for decision on Sunday, the pick of the bunch looking to be Fingal's game with YMCA - the sides producing a decent match-up in the equivalent league fixture. Pembroke's match with Skerries is delayed due to the IHL fixture with Instonians.

Division One (Saturday)
Railway Union vs Kilkenny, 1.45pm, Park Ave; Glenanne vs Corinthian, 3pm, Glenanne Park; Fingal vs Monkstown, 2pm, ALSAA; YMCA vs Pembroke Wanderers, 2.45pm, Claremont Road; Three Rock Rovers vs UCD, 2pm, Grange Road

Leinster Senior Mills Cup - 2nd Round (Sunday)
Three Rock Rovers vs Bray, 4.30pm, Grange Road; Monkstown vs Kilkenny, 2.30pm, Rathdown; Fingal vs YMCA, 1.30pm, ALSAA


Anonymous said...

Re 14 match rule,This only applies to SOME Leinster international players.
Butler/Shaw Glens.Lewis/Gormley PWS.Darling TRR.
These players are ONLY allowed to play in 14 Leinster Senior League games,5 IHL games (plus 2 playoffs if lucky) and ISC games.So a senior inter.player in Leinster is only guaranteed 20 games in a season.Not allowed to play in any other competitions.How crazy is this.Who monitors all this.Passmore had no credible explananation,when he insisted on this crazy rule his excuse was he thought LB Senior league consisted of 8 teams only.
And we pay his salary.
Tim has 2 more games to sit out as per your stats.but sure who knows . Watch this space,could be High Cort yet as rule was introduced after all enteries had been ok'd for IHL.
It could only happen in Ireland

Anonymous said...

Predictions for the Weekend:

Railway Union vs Kilkenny


Glenanne vs Corinthian


Fingal vs Monkstown


YMCA vs Pembroke Wanderers


Three Rock Rovers vs UCD


Anonymous said...

We need a Div 2 Preview too please Stephen. Or at least Clontarf V Skerries Preview!

Anonymous said...

Railway vs Kilkenny 4-0

Glenanne vs Corinthian 2-1

Fingal vs Monkstown 0-2

Y.M vs Pembroke 1-5

Three Rock vs U.C.D 5-1

You would nearly better off posting a division 3 preview considering it contains better teams then division 2

Anonymous said...

Can the 2 south Africans play tomorrow against Glenanne after the registration "errors" by corinthians. Also have Corinthians been thrown out of the mills cup as I see their mills game against Glenanne is not going ahead on sunday.

Anonymous said...

Whats all this about registration errors?If they have been thrown out of the Mills cup i assume YMCA will be awarded the 3 points from their league fixture?

Stephen Findlater said...

Its related to the Leinster Branch looking into the registration of Darren Kimfley and Andrew Cronje for their Mills Cup game against Trinity. The reds won 7-1.

It will not affect league points though as cup and league regristrations are separate and hence the potential problem.

A similar issue happened a few years ago with YM when Jason Milne's transfer (from Rovers, I think) had been included in league registrations but not cup ones. He played a number of league games before playing in a 5-1 cup win over UCD.

YM were thrown out and UCD took their place in the next round.

Anonymous said...

Who is TRR'S new coach I heard he is a foreigner, dutch????

Anonymous said...

new coach? turlochs still there

Anonymous said...

Yea I was'nt sure myself but I heard that rumour too.The difference between winning and losing would be a coach like him, so Im sure that some of the top clubs will be after him.