Saturday, January 31, 2009

Men's Divsion Two: Back match results

Clontarf 14 (Rob Abbott 5, Rob Kelly 3, Tom Noonan 2, John Lennon, Nick Burke, Luke Hayden, Gareth Borland) Navan 0
The Bulls produced the biggest win in their club's history as they got the result they felt they deserved after the previous encounter between the sides was abandoned with the score at 5-0.

They went one better this time by half-time leading by six, building up to double-figures with seven different scorers on the mark - including former Bangor man Nick Burke getting his first for the club - while Rob Abbott led the way with a fantastic five.

Naas 1 Dublin University 3 (Craig Moore 2, Barry Glavey)
In a similar manner, Trinity picked up a two-goal win after their 4-2 lead against Naas last time out was wiped off the slate. Midleton-man Craig Moore made it 1-0 by half-time, Barry Glavey made it two with a drag-flick in the second before Moore completed their goals. Naas scored with two minutes remaining.
*More of Deryck Vincent's pictures from the Clontarf vs Navan game, can be seen here


Anonymous said...

Fundamental questions have to be asked about the League structures. Its high time that relegation from Div 2 became an issue for discussion. Bring all these so called world beating seconds teams into Div 2 and end that discussion once and for all. Do not allow teams into Div 2 simply because the teams are needed.

Anonymous said...

14-0- harsh!

Anonymous said...

rob abbott must be top scorer in div 2. unreal player best bin div2 would get into any team in div 1

Anonymous said...

Stephen.would you be able to go through the records and see who is the top scorer in div 2..I think Early or Mcmahon from skerries could be up there.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's between those three alright. It'd be interesting to know. I'm sure a couple of the Sutts boys are up there aswell, they score quite a few.

I reckon one of the two Skerries boys are leading though, cuz when you look at the reports it seems to always be Early and McMahon scoring for Skerries while Sutts and Clontarf goals are shared around the squad a bit more.

Also, that Bray fella bangs in a few (the ex-monkstown guy, can't think of his name at the mo)

It'd be interesting if those guys are on the website, stick up how many you have and we can keep an eye on it then

Anonymous said...

15 for Rob Abbott in the league.


Anonymous said...

Whatever about promoting these amazing 2nds teams from div 3, I think either Navan or Naas should definitely be relegated to div 4 at the end of the season; the 11-0 for Naas against Sutton and that 14-0 shambles for Navan pretty much does it.
Both teams are obviously only there to make up the numbers and you've got Portrane and Mullingar 1sts not too far down div 4, why not give one of them a chance!