Monday, January 12, 2009

Ireland A 2 Canada 0

Ireland A scored a convincing 2-0 victory over Canada at Belfield to get their five-game series off to the best possible start.

Both strikes came in the first half, the opener a well worked short-corner move which saw the ball worked back to injector Roisin Flinn – and captain for the day, having recently returned from her travels – who slapped home at the near post.

The second arrived shortly after via a 20th minute short corner switch to Hermes’ Nikki Evans, and the Irish were in command throughout against a side that had caused the full senior team some problems at last year’s Olympic qualifiers.

Canada, though, are a side in a slight transition after a number of retirements while using this series to hone their squad ahead of the Pan American Cup in February.

Ireland restricted the visitors to just one short corner - saved comfortably by Hermes stopper Emma Gray - and had a flurry of chances to augment their lead, striking the crossbar at one stage in the second half.

Megan Frazer hit the post in return for the girls and green on what was a solid workout for Guy Garrett’s young selection.

St Andrew’s and Hermes pair Niamh Atcheler and Chloe Watkins both took some time out from their schoolwork to play while Julia O’Halloran made an exception from her year-long sabbatical from international hockey.

“We are working on some key tactical play, and the girls performed in every aspect we were working on,” said Ireland A coach Garrett. “This was a step up for a lot of them to play against a senior side, and I couldn’t have asked for more from them.”

Ireland A: Emma Gray (GK, Hermes); Helen Stevenson (GK, Railway Union); Shirley McCay (Ulster Elks), Roisin Flinn (UCD, capt), Cliodhna Sargent (Cork Harlequins), Nikki Evans (Hermes), Megan Frazer (Ballymoney), Mel Ryan (Cork C of I), Niamh Atcheler (Hermes) Liz McInerney (UCD), Michelle Harvey (Pegasus), Julia O’Halloran (UCC), Audrey O’Flynn (UCC), Chloe Watkins (Hermes).
* For more of Deryck Vincent's pictures from the game, click here


Anonymous said...

I have to say that without Steven we would find out nothing about hockey in leinster/ireland, if I want to find out anything I will check the blog first and IHA website second, so again thank you

Anonymous said...

I agree. The 2 hockey blog sites are so up to date it is fantastic. You get everything from school, club, international, etc. Long may it continue. Well done to both Stephen & Alan.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree - - as a male player up in Ulster this is the 1st web i check every day. We are so lost for something like this up here. Keep up the good work Stephen. If you could include more ulster stuff i'm sure you would be well supported...especially as the senior mens teams have so much rivalry up here

Anonymous said...

yeah super work stephen. leinster and ireland hockey are extremely lucky to have committed volunteers like yourself. findlater for volunteer of the year?