Saturday, February 28, 2009

Irish Senior Cup results

Glenanne produced a dramatic penalty stroke victory at Grange Road to advance to the semi-final stages of the Irish Senior Cup, setting up an enticing last four tie with Pembroke.

They came from behind three times against Three Rock Rovers, showing the greater incisiveness from play to tie the game up at 4-4 in normal time of a cracking, free-flowing cup tie.

And 16-year-old Shane O'Donoghue was on hand on net the crucial penalty stroke - albeit at a controversial second attempt - to complete the win.

Early on, Paul Fitzpatrick gave the Glens the early lead from a corner rebound before Mitch Darling levelled, tapping in from Peter Blakeney's shot-cum-cross. Rovers hit the front with a scrappy Blakeney rebound.

David Keogh got the equaliser for 2-2 but Ali Haughton's surging run down the right precipitated Blakeney's second. Stephen Butler nailed a beautiful drag-flick to end the scoring at 3-3 to conclude an outstanding first half.

Three Rock were holding more possession and creating more forward momentum but not creating danger from their corners while the Glens set-piece was a constant threat.

Patrick Shanahan's rebound off Lucas Piccioli's reverse did give the home side the lead for a third time but Butler nailed a penalty stroke for a fourth period of parity.

Gary Shaw began a series of sin-binnings in the latter stages and, once the seal was broken, he was followed into the bin in extra-time by Brendan Parsons, Graham Shaw -somewhat harshly - and Ali Haughton.

During that time, Darling and Blakeney had sharp chances denied by Steven Doran while the Glens saw a corner effort go awry due to the drying pitch at the Marlay end scuppering Joe Brennan's push-out.

It meant penalties. Stephen Butler, Joe Brennan and Graham Shaw all scored as Rovers missed twice leaving O'Donoghue the chance to seal the win. His first effort was saved by Henderson but a retake was ordered - the keeper adjudged to have broken the line - and the youngster nervelessly flicked high into the right-corner.

Elsewhere, Pembroke scored three in each half to down Mossley 6-0. Alan Giles, Gordon Elliott and Conor Harte had the 'Broke cruising at the break before Justin Sherriff made it four and there was a first goal for Vaughan Erasmus for the club.

Harte concluded the scoring from the penalty spot while Mossley missed one a stroke with the score at 2-0 which may have changed matters.

As a result, the draw made at the Glade saw Pembroke drawn first out of the hat to face Glenanne.

The other half of the draw will see Annadale as the first semi-finalist to be confirmed. They beat Corinthian 3-1 thanks to goals from Ian Hamilton, Paul Jackson and Fraser Mills. Davy Carson got the response for the Reds.

In the last remaining second round tie Cork Harlequins huffed and puffed but once again could not make the most of the chances created against Banbridge. Simon Magowan helped his side hit the front in the seventh minute, getting on the end of Eugene Magee's cracking reverse-stick cross.

Magowan added the second 15 minutes into the second half, assisted by Diarmuid Reay before Dan Hobbs finally got one back for Quins.

In the junior cup, YM won the all-Leinster derby 2-1 despite Rob Mason scoring just his second ever senior goal for Monkstown. Stu Mellon and Graham Harris scored the goals. Cookstown also went through with a facile 7-0 win over Raphoe.

The women's junior cup is already guaranteed to stay in Leinster as all four sides went the way of Dublin teams. Hermes' outclassed Cork Harlequins at Farmer's Cross with a double from Fiona Manning leading to a 6-1 win.

Loreto won 5-2 in Cork too, beating C of I while Alex won 3-1 in Galway. Hazel Agar, Anya Fox and Rebecca Coll scored with Eavan Murphy -younger sister of former Alex player Ciara - got the response. 2008 finalists Railway complete the line-up after their 3-1 win over Armagh.

Men’s Irish Senior Cup
Second Round: Cork Harlequins 1 (Dan Hobbs) Banbridge 2 (Simon McGowan 2)
Quarter finals: Mossley 0 Pembroke Wanderers 6 (Justin Sherriff, Alan Giles, Conor Harte 2, Gordon Elliott, Vaughan Erasmus); Annadale 3 (Ian Hamilton, Paul Jackson, Fraser Mills)Corinthian 1 (David Carson); Three Rock Rovers 4 (Mitch Darling, Peter Blakeney 2, Patrick Shanahan) Glenanne 4 (P.Fitzgerald, D. Keogh, S. Butler 2) Glenanne won on strokes 4 - 1

Men's ISC semi-final draw: Cookstown/Banbridge v Annadale; Pembroke Wanderers v Glenanne

Men's IJC quarter-finals: YMCA II 2 (Stu Mellon, Graham Harris) Monkstown II 1 (Rob Mason); Cookstown II (Ian Sloan 4, Ian Cheevers 3) Raphoe II 0
- Men’s IJC Semi Final Draw will be made on 7th March

ESB Women's IJC quarter-finals: Cork H’quins II 1 (Sue Fingleton) Hermes II 6 (Aimee Jones O’Connor 2, Fiona Manning 2, Shelly Sloan, Gillian Pinder); Cork C of I II 2 Loreto II 5; Railway Union 3 (L McDermott, G Heavy Julie Motherway) Armagh II 1 (D McKinstry); Galway II 1 (Eavan Murphy) Old Alex II 3 (Hazel Agar, Anya Fox, Rebecca Coll)

ESB Women's IJC draw: Railway Union II v Loreto II; Hermes II v Old Alexandra II

* For more pictures from Three Rock Rovers vs Glenanne, click here


Anonymous said...

Any more photos of the Glen/TRR game?

Anonymous said...

Is there a rule that dosent allow someone who has been sin binned during the game to come back to take a stroke before his time his up in a penalty stroke comp. Also Butlers stroke to me sounded and looked like a hit. Three Rock unlucky

Neutral at game.

Anonymous said...

Is there any kind of ruling that allows a player to come onto the pitch to take a stroke in the stroke competition if he has been sin binned during the game and has not been off for long enough. i.e a glenanne player. Also Butlers stroke to me was very controversial as it sounded and looked like a stroke to me. Three Rock were unlucky.

Neutral at the game.

Anonymous said...

Mens Irish Senior Cup Final
Pembroke Vs Cookstown!!

Anonymous said...

As far as I know a permanataly suspended player (red card) cannot take part in a flick competition.

Anonymous said...

Cookstown wont get there if they play anything like they did against monkstown and fingal. Suppose just shows that leinster are dominating irish hockey if no.1in ulster struggle to beat no.4 and 5 in leinster.

Louise said...

Neutral at the game does not appear to know rules of hockey.Permanataly suspended player only.Butlers flicks(which one,he took two and scored two)were as usual perfect.Stop whinging

Anonymous said...

Looks like there's a bit of a farce going on up in TRR today. Apparently they double-booked the pitch and this has now pushed both semis out by over an hour...

Quality stuff Rovers.

Anonymous said...

Regards the monkstown YM game and particularly Rob Mason's 2nd ever men's goal. Rob has scored plenty of men's goals down the years, they just haven't been chronicled on the monkstown website for some reason.

although feel free to keep proclaiming his goal scoring prowess as less than illustrious as i am currently involved in a goal scoring duel with Rob. i'm winning 3-2 for the season.


Ump said...

Having witnessed the semi finals today, i have to say how disapponited I was to see the lack of effort shown by TRR. These semis for as long as I remember have been played there one after another. First game commenced hour and half late due to girls training session. No bar open. Mr.Findlater for all the good work he does had to be on hand to serve cups of tea as there was no one else to facilitate. I hope this commment gets published as TRR need to take all the responsibility for this fiasco!
Semis should be held in Pembroke in the future!!

Anonymous said...

super game to watch, one of the best i've seen this season!first glennane goal was very suspect for ball over the shoulder. i'm pretty sure mitch darling got the third rovers goal. butler's drag flick was unstoppable! rovers should have won the game in normal time, far superior possession and chances. steve doran had a very solid performance.think graham shaw's yellow was more deserving than ali haughton's yellow, although both should never have walked. pity the game had to be decided by strokes.


Anonymous said...

Yellow carded players are allowed particpate in a penalty shootout. About time henderson got called up on moving too early, he has got away with it for years.

Anonymous said...

Old alex 2's to win irish junior cup back...last won it in 2007 go alex!

Anonymous said...

Superb team performance by Corinthians U16 today in 2-0 win over Monkstown A

Anonymous said...

he didnt move too early, the goalie is allowed move once the attacker moves. O'Donoghue feints a step then takes a real one. thats what should not be allowed. Wrong decision by the umpire though trr should have had the game wrapped up long before then. its a shame the best team didnt porgress.

Anonymous said...

how can what happened today with the semi's be trrs fault? Granted the bar should be open theres no way the pitches would have been double booked as the juniors always run till one so the pitches are never free until then. its a leinster comp so surely the buck stops with them?

Ian Sloan said...

Cookstown 2's for IJC.

Anonymous said...

Don't think anyone comes out of all this with much credit. The rumour is the branch forgot to book the pitch whatsoever and just asusmed they had a booking becuase they put it in the blue book.

Some of the branch members thought the game was a 1pm start, others at 12pm - the fixtures secretary is out of the country so regular procedures probably weren't followed.

As for rovers, having no barman is pretty ridiculous for what could have been a decent fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

the programme even said one til three!

Dotsie said...

Butler took a flick against me last season and I was sure it was a hit rather than a stroke as was most of our team but it was let go. Maybe the method he uses is allowed

Anonymous said...

I thought Rovers Dominated for long periods without creating much, Glens seemed to let them have the ball and try hit on the break.

Glens forwards were very poor though, kept giving the ball away. Massive reliance on Shaw and Butler to create everything, if anything happens to either of them, Glens would be in trouble.

Should be some Semi-Final down in D 4.

Anonymous said...

Rovers should have won it...they dominated and the glens did look fairly tired...thought doran did well but darling was man of the match....constant work rate!!!
thought the call on charlie was very harsh, doran was doing the exact same but he wasnt blown for it, confused me!
railway player

Anonymous said...

Rovers weren't clinical and the Glens were imo. No corners and barely a shot off from 4/5 corners tells a story. Missing Sier a lot.

Glens scored from much fewer chances while Rovers worked really hard for each opportunity.

Anonymous said...

If the pitch is booked every Sunday for TRR Juniors - how was the cancelled U21 tournament ever going to be played (never mind any frost) - as U21 games were due to be played on the Sunday morning - 10.00am & 12.30 ??

Anonymous said...

U21 could have been played because juniors were on mid-term.

Anonymous said...

What extraordinary posts re TRR v Glens.
Players are allowed to take strokes provided not permaneltly suspended.Goalkeeper must stay ON line,cannot move forward,can move sideways only.
Confused Railway player(is there any other) should read rules of hockey before commenting on umpire decisions.Doran did NOT break this rule.TRR flicks were poor as was their PC routine.As usual Butlers flicks were perfect,he scores.Having said that TRR were unlucky,could have won,but teams must score more goals than opposition to win,old Chinese proverb.
Best of luck to TRR at Easter,must improve their PC'S.

Anonymous said...

the interpros would have gone ahead because of mid-term break

Anonymous said...

U 21 Competition was being played during mid term break so no junior hockey that week--let it go !!

Anonymous said...

TRR missed a few crucial chances that could have wrapped up the game in normal time,Darling had a gilt edge chance that I don't know how he missed,neither did any of the crowd.Glens hung on in there and as such deserved their place in the semi final.