Friday, February 27, 2009

Three Rock to host Lollipop day

Aptly coinciding with Three Rock Rovers and Glenanne's Irish Senior Cup, Grange Road will host a Lollipop Day on Saturday to raise funds for oesophageal cancer.

Eight years ago, Anthony 'Wishes' O'Neill died eight years from this cancer and was a much loved member of both clubs. He was a stalwart between the posts for Rovers - with a spell at YMCA in between - and gained one international cap in 1986 before moving into a coaching role at Glenanne after his retirement.

It is therefore fitting that the two clubs face off tomorrow while volunteers for the Lollipop Day charity will be present to raise money at the ground.

Former team-mate Liam Canning is part of the organisers of the event at the club and is hoping the hockey community will come along to support the event:

"The young people going around the ground with lollipops are raising money for a very worthy cause. In a more personal way, we all knew Wishes or of him, and some were very touched by the way his life was cut short so early and am sure we will do our very best to support the cause.

"Even if you did not intend to attend the match, this may provide the extra stimulus to come and lend your support to what should be a very exciting game. I look forward to seeing you all, even if it is just to call in and drop some money into a bucket."

For more information on the charity, click here

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