Friday, February 27, 2009

St Andrew's step closer to Kate Russell

St Andrew's went a step closer to having representatives at both of the end of season All-Ireland school competitions as their senior girl's emulated their male counterparts to reach the senior final and be within a win of taking up a place in the Kate Russell Cup.

They left it late against Mount Anville at Grange Road today but Laura Pinder popped up in extra-time to grab the winner after good build-up play from Lauren Kingston and Courtney Watkins.

Their boy's reached their final earlier this week and thus qualified for the John Waring tournament and have already pocketed the All-Ireland schollboy's tournament.

In other schoolboy action, Wesley's juniors reached the semi-finals today as they got by High School, St Andrew's minors won 2-0 against Sutton Park while Wesley took another step along the way in the senior game with their win over John Scottus.

Monday schedule:
Under 13 semi-final: Wesley v Sutton Park, 2pm, Wesley
Junior semi-final: St Andrews v Mount Temple, 2.30pm, St Andrew's
Senior semi-final: Wesley v High School, TBC

* More of Lindie Naughton's pictures from today's semi-final can be found here


Anonymous said...

Will the girl pictured get the day off on Sunday?

Anonymous said...
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Stephen Findlater said...
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Anonymous said...

If the above comment is in reference to overplaying of players then a number of issues arise

Why leave a sneaky little comment under an informative piece about schools hockey?

Has there been any consultation with players and their parents as to who plays what game or is the decision being made by the school only?

Has anything been accepted and published anywhere by any branch on the subject of what players can and cant play?

How can local issues be allowed to lead to precedents that affect the greater pool.


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Anonymous said...

there is also a concern this week about the Wesley boys player's well-being.

Being an incredibly talented side, most are first team players. according to this site they could have four cup games seven days for school alone.

add in a big weekend of club action, seems very little rest which is the key thing with over-playing - the lack of rest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Wesley played there games earlier thay wouldnt have that problem.

Anonymous said...

they'll only have 3 games if high school beat them which nobody seems to think is possible but definitely is. wesley just trying to get the excuses in early for either defeat in the semi or a very heavy defeat in the final.

Anonymous said...

we will be grand dont worry about us thanks. and by the way a tad problem stopped us playing our matches...its called snow! not our fault!

Anonymous said...

Wesley beat High School 5-1 today to progress to the final on wednesday!