Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corinthian release Piccioli

Corinthian HC have released Lucas Piccioli for the upcoming season, paving the way for the completion of his move to Three Rock Rovers for the upcoming season.

Piccioli had made it known to Corinthian that he intended to move across the Marlay Park during the close season but club president Sean Murtagh says that a full transfer request was not received by the club until last Friday.

Murtagh adds that an agreement was in place for Piccioli to take on the role of Corinthian ladies senior firsts coach and, as such, had outstanding commitments to the club

He said of the matter, "Lucas made it known to us during the closed season that he was going to join TRR.

"Naturally, we were disappointed with this turn of events as we believed we already had an agreement with him to take on the role of full-time coach to our ladies senior 1 team. But he informed us of his decision and there wasn’t much we could do about it.

"We did not hear from TRR until last Friday, the day before the Neville Cup match, when they requested a transfer for Lucas.

"The reply given was that as Lucas appeared to have outstanding commitments to CHC, we were unable to issue a transfer."

Murtagh also adds that similar situations arose last season with regard to transfers which led to their club captain having "to stump up cash to secure the release of two players from Leinster clubs and there was little or no adverse comment.

"When we tried to do what any other club would have done - and did to us - under the circumstances, we are treated like a spoiled child.

"In any event, following representations, we considered the matter and have decided to release Lucas without further delay and consider the whole sorry affair closed."


Anonymous said...

Corinthians have not do themselves any favours here. They ahev poached players from clubs the last three seasons without problem. If a guy wants to change clubs he should be allowed.

Queso said...

If Three Rover Rovers really didn't issue the request to release Lucas from Corinthians until Friday, (the day before the Neville Cup match!!), then I agree that all this fuss is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

CHC join the relegation candidates for this season after that performance on Saturday

Anonymous said...

What we need here is a "Piccioli Ruling" free movement of players within europe - We should no longer be slaves to our clubs -

J eppel

Anonymous said...

I wonder would the corinthians president stand over his comment that "Rovers didn't issue a transfer request untill Friday" under oath in a court? That comment maybe a fabrication of the truth.

Anonymous said...

u let this get a little out of hand steve. :( typical rovers.

Anonymous said...

Corinthians did what any other club would do. Frankly, Rovers are acting like a bunch of spoilt little girls. Lucas left Corinthians in an awkward position, why would corinthians rush along to release him.

Anonymous said...

Guys, this is silly Lucas is the person at fault here he reneged on a firm agreement with CHC ladies. He is the one who should be embarrassed. After seeing Rovers last weekend they are a class outfit and he will need to work hard to get into such a talented squad.

Anonymous said...

This Thread should be closed now. Done and dusted

Anonymous said...

How hard he has to work? scored one for us last weekend