Sunday, September 14, 2008

Three Rock Rovers

Last Season: 1st

Record: Won 15 Drew 2 Lost 1 Pts 47 Goals For 68 Goals Against 20

Coach: Turloch O’Siochain

Captain: Peter McConnell

Players In: Lucas Piccioli (Corinthian), David Storey (UCD), Niall Denham (Almere, The Netherlands), Patrick Shanahan (Bandon), Peter Blakeney (WA Thundersticks, Australia)

Players Out: Richie Irvine (UCD), Maarten Sier (HIC, The Netherlands), Pierre Quesnel (travel)

Summary: Last season, Rovers achieved beyond their wildest preseason expectations, claiming four titles. This time out they go into the season as genuine contenders in all competitions but the amount of hockey will strain even their sizable squad with the IHL and two trips to Europe.

Focus is already on October’s first round of the IHL and the EHL, which looks set to be in Leuven in Belgium, and this could distract from their Leinster senior league ambitions while the indoor sides trip to Europe will sap the energy.

For a second successive year, they have delved into the transfer market with Lucas Piccioli – provided his transfer gets sorted – the most eye-catching. Peter Blakeney will need to replace Maarten Sier’s goals while Patrick Shanahan looks a tidy player with scope to develop.

Cover will be needed for Phelie Maguire who will be based in Belgium for the year, returning for the big games.

Preseason has seen them lose to Scottish EHL duo Western Wildcats and Azzurri Kelburne but an impressive burst against Corinthian means they will be in the mix in most competitions but Pembroke may pip them in the league.

Returning to the scene of one of their major triumphs in week two, Serpentine Avenue should be rammed for a firework display.

First three games: Railway Union (h); Pembroke Wanderers (a); UCD (a)

League Prediction: 2nd
IHL Prediction: Will qualify from group stage, after that, who knows!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dont think he approached chc to be released! Could be tough for him to start this year with the class Rovers boast up-front!

Anonymous said...

ha that comment is laughable, havign been a teammate of Lucas' for the past 3 years or so I've witnessed his ability. Hes good enough to get into any side in Ireland without question. I guarantee he'll be one of the big players for TRR this season.

Anonymous said...

In my view rovers will miss Martin Sier in there "big games" and in EHL this year. He scored a huge amount of drag flicks last year at crucial times (Pembroke x2). I dont think Blakeney or any other rovers player offers the same threat off pc's.

Anonymous said...

nah rovers have decided that they dont need to win corners this year. they'll just play their way past every single player and every single team. think all six goals vs corinthians were open play.

Anonymous said...

I agree.At the end of the day Sier's dragflicks won rovers all their trophies last year!