Sunday, September 21, 2008

Neville Cup Quarter-finals

Three Rock Rovers 2 (Lucas Piccioli, Andy McConnell) Fingal 2 (David Bane, Andrew Shekleton) Rovers win 4-3 on penalties
Lucas Piccioli put a troublesome week behind him to put Rovers into an early lead on his debut for the club but Fingal provided a stern test, forcing the game to strokes. Dave Bane made it 1-1 from the flick spot before Andy McConnell restored the advantage. Under-16 international Andrew Shekleton though made it 2-2 before Rovers won on strokes.

Monkstown 2 (Gareth Watkins, Alec Barrett) Glenanne 3 (Joe Brennan, Shane O'Donoghue, Mark Lambe)
Glenanne got a second 3-2 win in a row to advance to the semi-finals thanks to goals from Joe Brennan (penalty stroke), underage international Shane O'Donoghue - his second in two games - and Mark Lambe in ahighly competitive game. Three yellow cards were dished out in a game where both sides were near full-strength. For Town, David Fitygerald sat out the game, along with Richie Beere and Ian Allen while Stephen Butler and Paul Fitzpatrick were the notable absentees for the Glens.

Suttonians 3 (Nasir Munir, Conor Gillett 2) Railway Union 4 (Paul O'Brien 2, Kenny Carroll, Eoin MacArthur)
Railway staved off a second-half fightback from Suttonians to advance to the semi-finals with a 4-3 win. They looked comfortable in the first half, leading 3-0 at the break but they posed a much stronger threat thereafter, with player-coach Nasir Munir and Conor Gillett closing the gap but unable to ever draw level.

UCD 0 YMCA 3 (Jamie Tobin, Andy Walker, Richie Miles)
YMCA broke the shackles in the second half to record a comfortable victory over UCD. The students - without skipper Ben Grogan - never truly threatened but held out YM for long periods until Andy Walker broke the deadlock from the spot. Kristian Fitzgerald made his debut between the sticks for YM, a second newcomer between the posts for the club in two games.

Semi-final draw
Railway Union vs Glenanne
Three Rock Rovers vs YMCA

Women's Leinster Senior Cup results:
Skerries scr Corinthians w/o
Hermes 2nds 0 Loreto 1sts 2 - apologies, originally billed as Hermes 1sts
Bray 1sts 4 1 Railway 2nds 1
Pembroke 1sts 1 Glenanne 1sts 2


Anonymous said...

Glens against the town was played at a very high pace. With some great young talent on show

Anonymous said...

Oh the all mighty three rock galacticos!

Anonymous said...

paul fitzpatrick was playin. glenanne were missing stephen, alan browne and gary shaw.

Anonymous said...

Was an independant viewer in Rathdown on Saturday.

Monkstown were missing a couple as were Glenanne.

Game was played at a very high tempo in very hot conditions, it was quite open in parts and Glens played some lovely stuff at times with monkstown mainly hitting on the break. Glenane should have had it sown up but had to hold out for the last 10 as Monkstown pushed but didn't create anything of note.

However, the umpiring was very poor by O'Conner and Groves. What must be looked at its how a brother can umpire a brother playing, there is a serious conflict of interest there, whether it is intentional or not, decisions will be affected.


Anonymous said...

good goal tucker!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Done glens ladies. Really showed some great determination by coming back from a goal down. They seem to have the same never say die attitude that their mens team has!!

Anonymous said...

and Devin Kehoe. Also, Shane O'Donoghue did not score. Enda Tucker got the second but O'Donoghue did well for the thrid goal

Anonymous said...

Were rovers missing any players?Strange to think they only won by the skin on their teeth?I predict they win nothing this season.

charlie said...

'Oh the mighty three rock galactios!' Steve why do you allow stupid comments like this one?

Watched this game against fingal. everyone in the league knows they can be a dogged outfit.

Its the start of a long season and its gonna be tough and i hope that all the weasels that post sneeky comments get their just rewards.

Anonymous said...

I see the Branch did the Correct thing a gave Monkstown the Game over Pembroke. Can someone confrirm if Pembroke are too be deducted 6 points from the league campaign - im informed that the are - but not sure if this is gossip or fact.


Anonymous said...

i don't think Pembroke will be or should be deducted points. They applied for a postponement. They didn't get it. They appealed. I think the result of the appeal came after they had flown to their "prestigious" tournament. monkstown got a w/o. End of Debate.

Anonymous said...

pembroke shouldn't be deducted 6 points, the league and Neville cup are 2 different competitions.

non-pembroke player

Anonymous said...

Branch is entitled to deduct league points from Pembroke,Neville Cup comp.IS a Branch competition.
Pembroke made a decision to put a friendly comp.before an official game.
Interesting to see how Fixtures Comm.will handle this one.