Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last Season: 6th

Record: Won 8 Drew 3 Lost 7 Pts 27 Goals For 48 Goals Against 40

Player/coach: John McInroy

Captain: Andrew Sutton

Players In: John McInroy (Pembroke), Sam Lopsey (Australia), Nate Coolidge (USA)

Players Out: Lucas Piccioli (TRR)

Summary: The additions will definitely strengthen a side that looked good in parts last year but lacked a cutting edge. American international Nate Coolidge looks handy from penalty corners while Sam Lopsey came on to decent effect at centre-midfield against Rovers.

McInroy’s bustling presence will get some good goals but can he combine this with his coaching commitments? Piccioli’s flair will be missed but their ambitions will be to try and oust either Monkstown or Fingal and get into the IHL.

Chris Pelow will be back after a couple of weeks to give some options at the corner. Their first match out at the airport will be one of the defining matches of the season.

First three games: Fingal (a); YMCA (h); Glenanne (h)

Prediction: 5th


Anonymous said...

come on the brundle

Anonymous said...

Chris Pelow is not injured he was dropped!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he hasn't been training well apparently and young Brian Doherty is their No1 drag flicker now.

Anonymous said...

Since i am his mate i can tell you that that is not true. I train with him alot and he is one of the best players on their team if not the best!

Anonymous said...

As a member of CHC I can tell you this IS TRUE. He's got his game together now though.