Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last Season: 3rd

Record: Won 12 Drew 1 Lost 5 Pts 37 Goals For 64 Goals Against 37

Coaches: Arul Anthoni and Frank Byrne

Captain: Joe Brennan

Players In: None

Players Out: None

Summary: Speaking about the new season, new coach Arul Anthoni could not contain his excitement about working with the Glenanne players, saying “the attitude here makes a lot of difference, coaching a team who never know they are beaten, it’s the type of team I really like to work with”.

His optimism would seem well-placed after he saw his side win 4-3 against Monkstown despite trailing 3-0 at one point. However, a struggle against Clontarf in the Neville Cup without the international duo may signal a difficult season if the new national coach makes players stick to the agreement that limits players to 14 domestic games in the season.

That said, this is the team that only lost out on penalty strokes in the club championships semi-finals – with a legitimate goal chalked off in normal time so they will definitely challenge.

A couple of handy enough early games may offset the fact that Gary Shaw, John Goulding and Devin Kehoe will take their time returning from holidays and weddings. Joe Brennan is back on the verges of the national squad while Shane O’Donoghue and David Keogh have been added to the first squad while Johnny Kane should be back after illness.

A domestic cup will probable go their way but the major titles may elude them.

First three games: Kilkenny (h); Railway Union (a); Corinthian (a)

Prediction: 3rd
IHL Prediction: Like Pembroke, very tough group. May struggle to advance


Anonymous said...

I think glenanne will struggle as a club this year.

I was at a meeting on monday night and was told that they are now down to 3 teams in their mens section.

so 3rd place in senior league without their best players and lack of players coming thru - is a bit optimistic and i see 5th or 6th

jeff S -

Hockey08 said...

what?? thats a joke. Glenanne still have 5 teams, Captains named and all! And they still have pretty much 95% of the players that WON the European Cup. And no players coming through? I think you are forgetting that we made it to the u-21 final last year. Only to be beaten by a clearly superior team! Get your facts straight mate. pretty much just embarrased yourself!

Anonymous said...

We have five teams in our men's section. We are down to three in our ladies section.

Maybe that is whereyou got the idea from...

Anonymous said...

who is the best player that they are missing?

Anonymous said...

glens will be missing john goulding ( emigrated ) - and then butler & shaw for alot of matches due to the new rules set by the irish team.

Anonymous said...

Alan Goulding, jonny goulding and mark lambe are the only absentees from the squad who won the europeans!!!

Anonymous said...

glenanne will b fine with players like shane o'donaghue coming through. he is only 15 but is the bes player on the pitch against any school team including wesley and andrews