Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last Season: 9th

Record: Won 1 Drew 2 Lost 15 Pts 5 Goals For 24 Goals Against 84

Coach: Coen van Putten

Captain: Ben Grogan

Players In: Stephen O’Keefe (Pembroke), Richie Irvine (TRR), Alaistair Nolan (Monkstown), Ross Watkins (Monkstown), David Quinn (Erasmus year), Richie Jones (Corinthian)

Players Out: Richie Margetson (YMCA), David Storey (TRR), Mike Sleeman (YMCA), Glenn Holmes (Corinthian), Ross Wyse (Erasmus – China), Michael O’Connor (UCD)

Summary: Much of UCD’s side for the season is still up in the air but one confirmed arrival is coach Coen van Putten, who will double as Genesis’ leader.

At the moment, Stephen O’Keefe is their stand-out signing and will be needed in a side who shipped 84 last season. Holding on to Robbie McFarlane is another plus but losing the forwards Glenn Holmes and Michael O’Connor will be hard to replace while Neil Young's future is, as yet, unknown.

Such is the life of the university sides at the moment, there could be a number of moves in the next week or two which could change their fortunes but, right now, they could be on the way down.

First three games: Pembroke Wanderers (h); Monkstown (a); Three Rock Rovers (h)

Prediction: 10th

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Players in:

Stephen O'Keeffe, Richard Irvine, David Quinn, Ross Watkins, Alastair Nolan, Tadh Walsh-Peelo, Gavin O' Halloram