Sunday, September 14, 2008


Last Season: 7th

Record: Won 5 Drew 1 Lost 12 Pts 16 Goals For 27 Goals Against 39

Coaches: Trevor Dagg and Ger Butler

Captain: Iain Walker

Players In: Patrick Good (Pembroke), Richie Margetson (UCD), Michael Sleeman (UCD), Richie Miles (Dublin University), Rob Pearson (Bray), Gary Ryan (unattached)

Players Out: None

Summary: With a team averaging in age around 19 or 20 toward the end of last season, it was clear YM needed some experience to go with their abundance of youth.

To that end, six players in their mid-20s have come in with Patrick Good looking the pick of the new arrivals with a host of senior medals under his belt but has a thumb injury to contend with. Richie Miles scored some good goals when working in tandem with Peter Blakeney in their Trinity days.

Whether it is enough to get them involved in a mid-table scrap remains to be seen but Ger Butler is hoping for a progression from last year as the second phase in a three-year plan. David Robinson is the star man but has his ongoing shoulder injury to contend with.

First three games: Monkstown (h); Corinthian (a); Pembroke Wanderers (a)
Prediction: 7th


Anonymous said...

Ian Walker is captain this year

Anonymous said...

Why well done Ian

Anonymous said...

my name is iain, not ian.

Iain said...

Ha thanks whoever that was, Iain

Anonymous said...

robbo is over-rated in my openion. ok he has a few good skills up his sleeve but is way to small and weak and will get shooved off the ball by other players. Wont get far.

Anonymous said...

that above comment is laughable, clearly made by a poor old has-been,he has more than a few skills, he has a whole repetoire. will mature into a great player