Thursday, September 11, 2008

Newbridge hope to find permanent home

Hopes for Newbridge hockey club's dream of having a home of its own came a huge step closer, according to the Leinster Leader this week, as they could avail of a 2.3 acre plot of land just outside the town.

Cllr Pat Black explained that, at the Kildare Area Committee meeting, he is set to formally propose the provision for the club.

At the moment, the 13-year-old club is forced to use facilities in Kilcullen and Naas Hockey Club.

Cllr Black, though, said he would endeavor to provide as much funding as possible for the club to build facilities at the site.

"Working together as an Area Committee I hope we'll be able to make some funds available."

Speaking to the Leinster Leader, the club's Elaine Cox said they were "absolutely ecstatic, but we don't want to count our chickens before we're certain. We understand it has to go to the full Council later in September.

"But all the signs are positive. If we won the lotto we wouldn't be as happy!"

The club – which caters for four senior teams with 80 registered members and 50 youth players in their recently formed youth section – will hope that the new facilities will, in turn, halt the run of players needing to travel to Dublin clubs in search of Astroturf hockey.

Girls and women from as far away as Carlow, Moone, Athy, Allen, Kilmeague travel on a weekly basis to train with the club.

"But there are a number of other girls, very strong players, who choose to play with Dublin clubs such as Muckross and Pembroke, because the facilities don't exist here," local Town Councillor Sinead Donagh had explained at the time.

"Basically it's hard to keep young women interested in sports and there's huge potential for growth." They also mention plans to introduce a men’s club should all things go to plan.

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Anonymous said...

This went ahead as planned.
Well done to all concerned but it's going to be along hard road and alot of fundraising before they can get their own pitch built.