Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pembroke Wanderers

Last Season: 2nd

Record: Won 14 Drew 4 Lost 0 Pts 46 Goals For 83 Goals Against 17

Coach: Craig Fulton

Captain: Ronan Gormley

Players In: Michael O’Connor (UCD), Florian Richter (Germany)

Players Out: Stephen O’Keefe (UCD), Patrick Good (YMCA), John McInroy (Corinthian)

Summary: One of the biggest plusses for Pembroke this season could be Craig Fulton’s decision to spend more time in the dugout than on the pitch.

Undoubtedly one of the league’s top players, in key matches last season Pembroke looked in desperate need of some inspiration from the sideline. Furthermore, when games were tight, the regular substitution system seemed to stop with forwards spending long periods on the pitch and tiring out.

The return of Conor Harte will be another bonus, judging by impressive performances for Ireland in the summer. Ronan Gormley and Tim Lewis are the best two defenders in country and with the national keeper behind them, they look near impregnable.

Stuart Loughrey and Scott Lowrie are developing well while if Michael O’Connor stays focused then could be a perfect foil for Alan Sothern. Justin Sherriff misses the start of the season with injury while Paddy Conlon will miss a couple of early season games.

Pembroke were unbeaten in normal time throughout the league and All-Ireland’s and have a good record against Rovers and they will have big motivation for the EuroHockey Trophy, having been granted the hosting.

But with Europe and indoor concerns not as pressing, they could edge the league and will be a favourite for the IHL. Again, week two will be a massive at Serpentine Avenue.

First three games: UCD (a); Three Rock Rovers (h); YMCA (h)

Prediction: 1st
IHL Prediction: Tougher of two groups but should progress


Anonymous said...

So 2 years and a hundred grand or so down the line, i wonder will Pembroke finally win the league this season?It's amazing to think that a team that regards itself as the best havent won a domestic trophy in 2 years +!!

Anonymous said...

pembroke won the leinster cup the season before last.and i dont think anybody would swap winning the league three seasons in a row for winning two club champs and an ISC in those seasons

Anonymous said...

They won the Irish Senior Cup last year to be fair.

Anonymous said...

My point was that they havent won the league (the competition that doesnt lie and reflects how good a team you actually are)in over 2 seasons.Yet they see themselves as the best around.Dont think you can Can argue with that

Anonymous said...

Pembroke are one of stronest clubs in Leinster if not in Ireland and are deserved winners of IHA award of Club of the Year twice.

Since year 2000 the following Leinster clubs have won major competitions as follows:
Club Cham.=Pemboke=3.Glenanne=1.TRR=1
Leinster Sen.League.Pembroke=3.Glenanne=3.TRR=2
Leinster Sen.Cup.Pembroke=3.Glenanne=4.Corinthian=1

Anonymous said...

guys credit wher credit is due! they won club champs 2 years in a row and then isc.. hopefully they will emulate glenanne and win in europe this year too, which is very hard to do bt they have every chance as they are playing at home so hopefully they'll do it...

Anonymous said...

Pembroke are a quality outfit and will be for for the forseeable future.

As above their firsts have won more than any other club in Leinster since 2000.

Not only that but their 2nds consistently perform exceptionally well, evident by their triumhp in the ISC.

They have the resources both financially and in terms of youth development to continue to be at the top level for many years. Im not a pembroke man but I dont think any other club can boast that at the moment.

Winning the Club championship in my view is a higher accolade than the Leinster league.

Anonymous said...

"winners of IHA award of Club of the Year twice"

You voted for yourself !

Anonymous said...

What youth development?

Anonymous said...

well in the past few years youth development bringing through players like tim lewis, alan sothern, stuart loughrey, david carson(left for CHC), tim hill. that added to a number of good young players currently been coached with a view to breaking into the first team in the coming seasons

Anonymous said...

Youth development is pointless if u let these players go to other clubs tho... Look at the high profile players they brought up... Hill, dunne, goode, okeefe, and then let them leave because they bring in the foreign boys and so on ... That is not youth development... Answer this when the lads like the hartes and others leave will the club have developed???? Doubtful

Anonymous said...

Pembroke look after their young players and always have.
They help them develop to guarantee future successful teams in the club.
They seem to monitor their young players well to prevent burn-out which is a major credit to them in todays game.

Anonymous said...

"Hill, dunne, goode, okeefe"

no offence but not one of these players is high profile