Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Irish Hockey Photographers website

In response to the increasing number of email requests for copies of pictures, The Hook, Southern Fried, and their contributing photographers have knocked their heads together and setup a Flickr site.

Given the blogs only have space for a couple of photos per article, we can’t possible feature all of the quality photographs taken by Adrian Boehm, Deryck Vincent and Eoin Tyrrell at games throughout the season. These will now be made available to the hockey public through the site.

The site is still in its’ infancy, but we're working on getting as much of the photo archive we have up there over the coming weeks.

If you’re fond of taking a camera to games and would like to share your photos with the readers of both sites, feel free to email them to and I’ll gladly fire them up.

Readers can access the site by clicking here or following the link on the right hand side of the blog. The photos are the copyright of the photographers and cannot be reproduced commercially without permission; should you wish to request a printed photograph, get in touch at the above address.


Anonymous said...

No weekend roundup?

Very disappointing.

Stephen Findlater said...

I appreciate your disappointment. Unfortunately, I run this site voluntarily on top of working a 45-60 hour week. and from time to time, I get quite a bit of extra work.

In recent weeks, the recession has meant a lot of people have been laid off in the industry, meaning workloads have increased drastically.

It means, from time to time, I will not have a chance to update the site. Please have some patience during these times.