Monday, November 17, 2008

Volunteering Workshop - a message from the Leinster Branch Joint Development Committee

Newbridge hockey club invites all Leinster clubs to a workshop on volunteerism, facilitated by Volunteer Ireland on Tuesday, November 18. The workshop will take place in Newbridge Town Football club’s premises for what should be a great seminar.

The event gets under way at 7pm and is likely to be finished at 9.40pm and people from all clubs are invited to attend.

While Newbridge have promised a big turnout we also expect to see hockey people from Naas, Tullamore, North Kildare, Weston, Carlow, and Kilkenny turn up in droves and a good few from Dublin should nicely swell the attendance.

There will be a great opportunity for those taking part to learn more about how to get volunteers involved in your club

Issues coverered will be:
- Who are the people most likely to volunteer,
- what age groups are best to approach,
- what should you expect from a volunteer,
- How do you bring volunteers up to speed with the operations of the club and
- ‘what does a volunteer expect to gain from their contribution’.

Therefore, it is well worth getting the inside story.

There will be a charge of €15 for attendees.

Kind Regards

Brendan Carr
Chairman, Joint development Committee

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