Saturday, November 1, 2008

Three Rock Rovers 1 KHC Leuven 1

Three Rock stand on the verge of qualifying for the second round of the EHL after they picked up their second draw of the competition against KHC Leuven. For the second day, they lived on their wits. Yesterday, they produced some real quality at times but today the efforts of the Terrassa looked to weigh heavily in their legs.

They finish the first round unbeaten nonetheless and can now only be eliminated by a score draw. A win for either Leuven or Terrassa sees Rovers through in second, a 0-0 means the Grange Road side top the group and a 1-1 means a penalty stroke competition with Terrassa.

A low-key first quarter preluded a decent second for the Irish side but still no goals came from either side. A lot has been made of Rovers front-six locally but their defence has been incredible in this competition, keeping the sheet clean for 105 minutes. They were finally cracked by Pau Quemada, sending in a hard drag-flick past Henderson. Peter Blakeney had saved one corner from Quemada but this one was too well-placed.

Three Rock needed a goal and Blakeney came within centimeters of an equaliser after Kyle Good’s work, the former’s reverse slid fractionally wide. But he was not to be denied and tied the scores from close range. Charlie Henderson was once again in amazing form and Rovers were the beneficiaries yet again of the appeal rule.

Teams are given one appeal per half of a decision made around the circle. Similar to tennis, if an appeal to the video umpire is successful it is reinstated and another can be made later in the half. Alan Bothwell has made five successful appeals so far, having a goal disallowed and a number of corners overturned.

They wait with baited breath over the outcome of tomorrow’s match but the odds seem in their favour to go through. Qualification could also bring Ireland closer to two spots in the EHL as the Scotland, Russia and Poland set to lose points, their clubs winless so far in the competition.


Anonymous said...

thats class, think most people were writing them off including me especially after Andy McConnell's injury but fair play to them! definitely done themselves proud and hopefully should be in the next round now. Fingers crossed.

Congrats TRR

Anonymous said...

excellent result great to the them representing ireland so well!

Anonymous said...

not a big fan of that appeal rule, think it slows down the game to much and for trr's goal there was a challenge for a sideline ball which was a joke, where can u draw the line

DoctorD said...

Appeal rule is fine if you are right. If you get an appeal wrong then you have no more appeals for the rest of the half.

Queso said...

With the appeal rule and quarters there are more breaks and "recovery" time in each half.

However, what I've noticed is that as a result the periods of play inbetween are much faster and the auto-pass rule also contributes to speeding the game up considerably.

Anonymous said...

Just to say - the appeal rule isn't like tennis. Doesn't matter if you are right or wrong with an appeal, you get only one chance to go to the video ref in each half.
Hence the penalty stroke decision in Trr v Terrassa wasn't appealed as they had used their appeal earlier in the half, even though the first appeal was successful.

Anonymous said...

congrats trr down in cork all we here is how pembroke are going to do great in the ehl but pembroke didn t get this far so i congratulate trr